Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Africa Story: Driving in Kenya

Driving in Kenya was quite an adventure!
Especially sitting in the front seat.

I kept forgetting that the driver sits on the right side of the vehicle, but you drive on the left side of the road.
The complete opposite of American
It's not that it scared me... I just kept forgetting.
(Probably something to do with a lifetime of doing the opposite.)

I knew the kiddos would want to see how it was to drive in the different places we visited.
Then it occurred to me that maybe everyone wanted to see!
So, I video'd.

Driving in the Kenyan countryside. So gorgeous. So lush. So paradise!!!
There are people everywhere, always walking... which is maybe why so few of them are overweight (at least from what I saw). Should we take note? *wink*
I loved the donkeys on the side of the road! Our Kenyan friends laughed at me, because I got such a kick (pun intended) out of seeing them all over.

Driving into Kiambu. Again, people everywhere.
It was amazing to turn the corner from the countryside and all of a sudden be surrounded by billboards and buildings.

Driving out of Kiambu at night. There is such a constant hustle and bustle. Notice how long it takes us to pull from the side street onto the main drag.

Driving in Nairobi. What a stark contrast to the lush countryside!
I know it's shaky, but I was video'ing through the windows of the van we took into the National Park. (Which is another blog post!)
The stars in the video (other than the streets of Nairobi) are Ben and Joan, son and daughter of Patrick, whom you met the other day.

When we first arrived, we were surprised at how our driver (Joseph, that first night) just drove right through the stoplights.
He said you don't really pay attention to those at night. If you stop at them, you may get hit from behind by someone who is not stopping at it.
But then he stopped at one... sensing our wondering thoughts he smiled and said, "Some we do stop at. You just need to know which ones."

I'm glad I wasn't driving.  =^)

There really was such a difference between the countryside, the smaller city, and then the big city atmosphere of Nairobi... which you would find anywhere.
But, so many people. Always, always people everywhere. Even when we drove out to the Children's Home (yet another *awesome* blog post due soon) way out in the "Bush," there were people all over.

The children loved when we would wave from the car. Often I could be seen leaning out the window and saying, "Helllllloooooo" as we passed.
They would giggle and wave. Many would say hello back.
But, out in the country, we heard quite often, "White people!!!"
And they would laugh and wave, and we would do the same.

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