Tuesday, May 24, 2011

H&M Coming to Denver

It has been confirmed that the big-impact/low-price retailer will open in Denver!!!
Evidently, H&M has been scouting retail spaces in the Pavilions on the 16th Street Mall for quite some time, and have chosen to occupy what is now Niketown.
The sports retailer will vacate mid-May, and fashion will move in.

(What it could look like when it opens in the former Niketown space. Photo from Gart Properties.)

This will be a HUGE boost to the downtown space, albeit it major competition for Forever 21, located practically next door.

And, I would just like to say that I'm taking partial credit in this!  =^)
I have sent H&M emails pleading with them to open in Denver, a perfect central location... not just for Colorado, but for the United States.
As they continue their expansion inward from the East and West Coasts, it just made sense.
I spoke with many people (both friends and strangers), asking them to also email and facebook the awesome retailer...
(Well, some of us have been heard... the ones who wrote. Others of you looked at me like I was an alien.)

If you've read this blog for any length of time you know I adore this store.
They truly make fashion accessible at reasonable prices for the masses.
And, while Stacy & Clinton label the clothes as "throw-away" (meaning wear a few times and toss), I say you just need to be aware of what will last and what won't.
Both pairs of my H&M Sqin jeans have lasted for years and are *obviously* go-to's in my wardrobe.
(The gray skinnies that I wear constantly? Yeah. Those.)
I have probably ten layering tanks that I bought six or so years ago that are still on outfit rotation.

Also, where Forever 21 (will always love) usually pertains to a younger crowd, H&M is for all ages and has attire ranging from work to casual to dressy.
The Denver store will be 21,000 square feet of retail glory and will boast women's, men's and children's sections.
Yes, massive.

I've even posted H&M Shopping Tips, which come in handy when attempting to tackle the entire interior of awesomeness.

In light of H&M AND Ikea opening in Denver in the fall... I don't know that my shopper's heart will be able to take it.

H&M. Thank you.
For hearing our call.
For responding.
We await your arrival with great anticipation!
(And, if you could open before September 30th, I would really appreciate it. I'll be up there with more than 75 women for a conference, and I'd love to bring them through your doors. *wink*)

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