Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week

Yesterday started National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week!!!
It's April 12th-17th this year.
But... I started early. On Monday. Because I could.

Ummm... I didn't take any pics because it was a full day.
Except this one, with my awesome friend Jenn who was visiting from the far away land of Caaleeforneeaaaaa.

Yes, you see my shirt?

Equal Rights for Preborn People.

And yesterday I wore this...

...which you may remember from last year when I wore it here (lookin' funky) and here (lookin' sassy).

Well, this year I have a new one to add to my collection (the one in the first pic) that was generously sent to me from the American Life League.
You can get your own by going to!
(Fyi, they have the green one in tees AND sweatshirts... which, I'm dying for a sweatshirt. You can surprise me and send me a medium. Hint, hint. 
If I make it totally obvious then it's not really a "hint," is it?)

And, if you don't have a Pro-Life t-shirt, just make your own!
Go buy a plain white men's undershirt.
(I prefer v-necks.)
Get a sharpie.
Write LIFE on the front.
OR you could go get some stencils and fabric spray paint and go to town.
(I may do that later today.)

The thing is, if we don't stand up for the rights of the preborn, who will?
As Reagan so famously said, "I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born."

As science advances and technology becomes more sophisticated, the argument that life doesn't start until a baby is outside of the womb has become antiquated and fully disproven.
Those supportive of abortion can no longer stand on science to defend their position that a fetus is not a human being...
because science has proven that it is.
Living. Moving. With a personality. With desires and preferences and feeling...
inside a mother's belly.

But, really, that has never quite been the argument.
That's been the excuse... the facade... the smoke screen.
Society does not want to face reality, so it comes up with grandiose reasons why it's okay to take the life of an innocent child.

And someday, standing before the Judge, the excuses of inconvenience... 
there's too many of us already... 
she just wouldn't be a good parent...
the child wouldn't have a good life anyway... 
the ultrasound showed there was something wrong...

will all just be that... excuses.
And the truth will remain that lives were taken, children were murdered, and we stood by.

I'm not going to stand by, I'm going to stand up.
For those who can't defend themselves.
For those who are silent among us.
For life.

"Enough! You've corrupted justice long enough,
you've let the wicked get away with murder.
You're here to defend the defenseless,
to make sure that underdogs get a fair break;
your job is to stand up for the powerless,
and prosecute all those who exploit them."
-Psalm 82:3-4 (msg)

There are so many women among us who walk around grieving and deeply wounded by the effects of abortion.
Every single day they feel a piece of their heart missing, an absence that they don't understand and can't reconcile.
Society tells them, "You're fine."
"You didn't do anything wrong."
"That will go away with time."
These women ache and struggle with an emptiness they're told they shouldn't have, yet it persists.
Many fall into deep depression and become empty and lifeless.
Or they numb the feeling with anything they can find.
Others become so bitter and hardened to emotions; 
so angry that they explode at anything and anyone at anytime.

And they can't understand why. 

There is hope.
There is help.
And your heart can be healed.
There is a God, and He has forgiven you... all you need to do is ask and accept it.
There are groups of women who want to walk through this with you. Hope, healing and health is possible... if you're willing to walk it out.

Because we can say that it's simply a choice, and that it doesn't affect us after we walk out of that clinic, that doctor's office.
But that, too, is a lie... a facade... a smoke screen.
It's affecting you. Deeply. And it will your whole life.

There are resources out there to help you.
Know that you are not alone.
Know that you are loved.
Know that you are called and set apart and created for a purpose in this world.
Know that you of all people have a powerful and effective voice to call society on its lie.
To expose the facade.
To clear away the smoke screen.

"Don't be bluffed into silence by threats of bullies. There's nothing they can do to your soul, your core being. Save your fear for God, who holds your entire life -- body and soul -- in His hands."
-Matthew 10:28 (msg)

Call the bluff of society's threats.
Stand up.
Be heard.
Show people that there is another way, there is hope, there is freedom, there is life...
and life to the full.

It's what God gave you.

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