Sunday, March 27, 2011


What an amazing time we've had here in California!!!
We head out in the morning, diving into the drive home. =^(
Yes, I will do proper posts of our time here.
(What an AMAZING time it's been!!! So practically perfect in every way.)
 But tonight, in this moment, I wanted to share some iPhotoBooth snapshots.

Of my girls at the conference...

Me with Amy & Andressa

The amazing Lori Simmons

Yensi and Ann and... who is that? Oh, it's me again.

Some of the AWESOME girls at the conference!!!

More rockin' girls I got to hang with.
(Why does one of my eyes look mostly shut? What the heck?)

The incredible Kim. The fact that she does silly faces with me testifies to her incredibleness.

And of me and my sis... and some of our crazy kiddos...

...and then the boys discovered the effects...
(They were quite amused with themselves.)

WHAT FUN WE'VE HAD!!!!!!!!!!

And, I got to introduce the incredible new worship song Great I AM this morning at our California church.
Wow. Wow, wow, wow. What an honor to lead it... to worship with my friends to it. Almost speechless. *Almost*
(You can check the song out here:
They all agreed with me that, yes, the video is good... the recorded song is good.
BUT, there is something that happens when it is led live in a worship service.
It changes the atmosphere.

(It's from the New Life album coming out April 12th that you can check out here:

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