Saturday, March 5, 2011

On photos, a friend & magicness...

Yes, I finally changed my bloggy profile pic... for anyone that even notices.
I decided to go with dark hair last September (It's closer to my natural... just richer and a shade darker... even though some of you don't agree... I see my roots.) after getting highlights for seven years.
Yes, I was blonde.
Loved it, but just was ready for something different.
(It's hair, people! Live life! Make the change you want to make!)

The problem with changing hair color so drastically is that all of my bio-type pics
(read: headshots, for all you pros out there)
were no longer current.
And then I was getting asked for headshots for some upcoming stuff.
Double eeeek!

Enter Brianne to the rescue!!!

My amazing friend Bri met me outside the church the other day, whipped out her handy-dandy camera and seriously worked some magic.
I don't know how she does it, but she does.

I just wanted to give her a shout out here on the blog because
she is so incredible!
There I am, just sitting and being goofy and trying to look normal and smile but that's really hard because all I want to do is make silly faces into the camera...
and somehow in her magicness (Yes, it's now a word. I just made it one. Officially. In Angela Land.) Bri captures exactly what I've needed.
Plus a few extras (shown below). Hee-hee!

So, peeps. If you're here in the Springs, book her now for whatever.
Go check out her facebook page.
Witness her amazingness. 
She's here in Colorado through the Spring, and this summer she'll be in Sioux Falls... but then *hopefully* back here.
(Right, God? That's the plan, right? Please?)

And, because it's just so hard for me to look normal...
(Bri obviously has soooooo much grace. Like, inordinate amounts of grace.)

(This may be officially titled my "Dave Simmons" look. My Cali peeps know the down-low.)

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