Friday, March 18, 2011

Musings in Michigan...

*I'm sitting here waaaaayyyyy too late at night in Michigan.

*I should have gone to bed ago, but I got all inspired and have been typing for the past hour and a half.
(Good and bad. Good = inspired. Bad = less sleep.)

*I'm staying with my friend Rachael's family... and they're totally awesome... and I feel all pampered and spoiled... and Michigan is amazing... and I forgot how much I really don't mind humidity.

*Today we got manicures and pedicures.
I realized I haven't had a manicure in 13 years... because I've bitten my nails so what was the point?
But I don't (most of the time) do that anymore, so I went for it.
Easter egg blue! Yay!
I took a photo to show you, but the internet has some issues and it doesn't want to upload.

*The color is OPI and it's actually called Teal The Cows Come Home.

*I wish I got paid to name nail polish colors.
I'd come up with things like The Grape Escape and If You Currant All.
(Maybe that's why no one employs me to do such.)

*We've been talking about the new New Life Worship album coming out.
Everyone here is pretty darn excited about it.
1. Because it's awesome, and
2. Because Rachael sings on it, and
3. Because Rachael is awesome.

*You can check out the album promo here.

*You can check out the first single off the album here, which I think may rank in my top 10 best worship songs of all time.

*Nate makes fun of my top 10 because He says it includes more than 10.
I say no, because there can be lots of ties.
But, Great I Am really is Top 10.

*Actually, I think top 5.
(When you get to top 5 they all tie because it's impossible to rank in that range...
at least in Angela Land.)

*Night, night...
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