Thursday, March 24, 2011

Musings from California...

*Last week I posted from Michigan.
This week I'm posting from California.
That's pretty crazy.
And I LOVE it!

*God is so good. (To remind you, in case you had forgotten.)

*We just spent two nights with my sister in Santa Barbara, which was AWEsome.
I sure love my adorable little nephews.
(Yes, I realize I have no pics for you right now. It's late. I haven't uploaded them yet.)
It was great to catch up with their family, even if it was briefly. What FUN we all have together!!!
Their house is so great, and the kids got to tromp around with goats, chickens, horses... what a dream.
Muddy boots = happy kiddos.
A view of the ocean during the day and bright stars over a bon fire at night.

*We get to stay there Sunday night, too... which just makes me very happy.
Any time with my amazing sister is a gift...
especially because we both laugh at the same silly things.
("Wow! It's very light in color!")

*Right now we're in Santa Maria, where we lived before Colorado Springs.
I get to speak to a bunch of teen girls this Friday and Saturday!!!!!
How stinking COOL is THAT?
(Once again, the fact that ANYone is giving me a mic and trusting me with it is a little hard to believe.)

*I saw the stuff the girls get at the conference.
I get it, too... which I'm sure I'll brag about if you happen to ask.

*And, the conference name is Rock What You Got, so of course it's going to rock.
And, pretty much everything Church For Life DOES totally rocks.
(It's always a given.)

*The next few days will be spent catching up with wonderful friends, shopping at my favorite Goodwill, and praying God shines through me as I speak to these girls and pour my heart out in worship with them.
The people here have been so instrumental in God teaching me how to rock what I'VE got.
It's amazing how He brings things full circle.
Love that.
Love them.
Love Him.

*I don't have a picture to show you yet of all our adventures... but here's one of me and my favorite guy sitting here in the hotel lobby.
I'm typing this post... he's watching Storage Wars.

*I think it's hilarious that quite a few people made the comment, "Nate! Is that the SAME In-N-Out shirt you wore when you lived here?"

*I sure love this man.

(I hope you're super excited about New Life's upcoming You Hold It All album release.
Check out the promo video here.
And listen to the first release from that album, Great I Am, here.
I really believe in the power this song holds.
Maybe we'll get to do it in worship while I'm out here in Cali?)

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