Thursday, March 10, 2011


This April (Yes, in just a few short weeks.) I am going to get on a plane and do something I've never done before... fly across an ocean!!!

Then I will do something else I've never done before (obviously, since I've never crossed an ocean)... go to Africa!!! More specifically, Kenya. Even more specifically, Nairobi. 

But, then I will have the great honor of doing something I have done before...
something I am incredibly passionate about...
something I believe God has called me to in this life.
I will get to tell Kenyan women of the immense Truth of their value, worth, calling and identity in Jesus Christ.
I will get to love them and hug them and tell them God created them uniquely, with gifts and talents that He has plans and purposes for.
I will get to remind them that God does not lay down His purposes for our lives, and that He redeems everything.
I will get to encourage these women to walk daily in the Truth that they are called to change the world.

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been bouncing from Freak-out Mode to Of-course-this-is-happening Mode to How-in-the-world Mode.
And, this has all transpired in just the last few weeks.
Just. the. last. few. weeks!


Let's back up *quite* a few years.

Fifteen years ago I laid a dream down.
Because of circumstances and choices being what they were and what I had made, I "knew" that God wouldn't be able to use me in a way I so desperately wanted to be used.

Nate was in Kenya. He was walking the streets of Nairobi.
He came back and showed us pictures and told us stories and spoke of the school children.
And I wanted to go.
But, I "knew" that I couldn't... ever.
Circumstances were what they were. I had made choices, and I was sure that God was forced to give up on that desire He had placed in my heart.
Because when we make wrong choices, it changes His plans for us. Right?
So, I laid the dream down.


When Kim asked a few weeks ago if I would go on the trip, saying she really wanted me to be part of this team, I was a bit surprised when she said the word Kenya... Nairobi.
When I came home and prayed with Nate about it, I was in shock.
It was happening so soon, so fast.
$3000.00? How would we pay for it?
When God answered, "Go. The money will be provided. I want you there. I WANT YOU THERE." I was speechless. 
(Rare, I know. The speechless thing, not the God speaking thing.)
I told Kim two days later that, yes, I would go.
I'm in.
For whatever.
...and then I sat outside in the car with tears streaming down my face and realized that God redeems everything.
When we lay down our dreams and place whatever we have in His hands, He redeems the things we did not know could be redeemed.
He even redeems the things we had forgotten we had forgotten.

So, on April 16th I will board an airplane and cross an ocean and stay in the same place Nate was and walk the same streets he walked and look into the same faces he looked into...
the ones that I thought God could never send me to because of my choices and circumstances.

Part of me just shakes and tingles a bit and says, "This can't be happening."
But another part... the bigger part... says, "Oh, heck YES it IS happening... because MY God is greater, MY God is stronger, MY God redeems even the most seemingly impossible of forgotten dreams."


Will you help me go?
Will you please pray for me... for wisdom, for open doors, for open hearts, for safety, for confidence in walking out what I know God is calling me to.
And, would you please pray about helping me reach the $3000.00 I need to get on that airplane?
God told me it's going to happen, so I know it will happen.
Maybe He wants you to be a specific part of it?
Just ask Him.
Because I may be the one going and loving on these women, but you can love on them, too, and invest in their lives by helping me get there.

Holy cow, I'M GOING TO AFRICA!!!!!!!!

Please help me by praying.
And IF you want to help me financially, just click the donate button below. 
(It will also remain on the upper side of my blog over there.)

I'M GOING TO AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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