Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey, girls that are in or around the Colorado Springs area!
This Friday night and Saturday, March 11th & 12th, we're kicking off DAUGHTERS at New Life.

We're going to learn what it means to live life with courage, be blessed by the words of Stasi Eldredge, (Captivating, Love & War) and enter into worship with Jared Anderson.
Tickets are only $10... and that inCLUDES lunch on Saturday!!!
(Seriously. Best. Deal. EVer.)
You can register online here.
But, even if you don't get around to that, just show up!

This conference is not just for women who attend New Life.
It's for all women.
Any women.
Because we are all DAUGHTERS.

There will be lots of laughter, heartfelt connection... and candy.
Yes, there will be candy.
(Because it's a women's conference, so I think that's required somewhere in the rule book.)
There will be awesome door prizes. 
*ahem* Because some really cool girl with fun fashion sense *ahem* is in charge of that. *ahem*

So, come hang out with your girls. Make new friends. Laugh and chat and laugh some more.
But, most importantly, come be refreshed and reminded that...

We are women
rising out of the ordinary.
We know we are called,
we are embracing our commission,
and we are facing life with courage.
We are changing the world from right where we are, with exactly what we have...
and we are doing it together.

We are... DAUGHTERS.

(P.S. If you want me to save you a seat, just email me!!!)

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