Wednesday, February 23, 2011


 I am really left struggling to understand the decisions of the man who is leading our country.
I didn't think a President could just do that.
Simply stop enforcing the authority of a law?

But, then there is the issue of the Arizona borders.
They aren't enforcing that federal law, either.

I guess I had thought there were laws in place to maintain and enforce order.
And that if a President's administration doesn't agree with laws, well, that's what the judicial process is for...
what Congress is for...
what elections are for.
There are processes in place so our country will stay healthy.
That's what I was tested on in social studies my junior year, right?

It concerns me that our President can just throw away a federal law like that, without any due process, simply because he believes it should no longer be enforced.
It seems to me that if you undermine any legal process or law that governs our great country,
then you undermine all legal processes and laws that govern our great country.
You no longer have a country that is justly governed, you have anarchy and rebellion.
Because, if we don't agree with something, then we just won't enforce it.

If we have a government that picks and chooses which laws it will enforce, we will have a people that picks and chooses which laws they will obey...
and a complete sabotaging of the legal processes set in place by our forefathers to maintain the health and vitality of this great nation...

...which will lead to us no longer being a great nation.

Mr. President, I'm struggling to understand your approach here.

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