Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Outfit Post

Holy outside photos, Batman!
I mean, I know you love my cracked, dirty mirror and all, but I thought I'd take 5 yesterday and catch some of that lovely Colorado sunshine.
(But, maaaaaaannnn, was it NOT warm, thank you Colorado wind!)

(The belt slid more to the middle in this pic. Didn't realize it 'til now. It's supposed to be more of a side-knot thing.)

pulling it all together...
Animal Print Silk Blouse: My fav thrift store... for 25 freaking cents, baby! (Remember?) (Also seen here.)
Black basic tank layered under so I don't show my belly when raising my hands: Forever 21
Skinny Cargos: Charlotte Russe ($5. They washed a bit funky, but stretched and are fine.)
Boots: B. Makowsky. Divine appointment in Nashville. Will blog on them soon.
Belt: Off of my fun faux fur long vest from Charlotte Russe.
Earrings: From antique store in Coburg, Oregon
Silver Cuff & White Gold Ring: Grams'
Leather Brave Bracelet: You know. Because it's always on me.
Wrap-around White Leather: from Revolve, which I'll also blog on soon.
Gunmetal bracelets: I stacked two to get the big cuff effect. Forever 21
Rhinestone Stacked Rings: Forever 21

The shirt is cut boxy, so I cinched it with the belt. I also rolled the sleeves because... ummm... I wanted to. (Hmmm... I actually do this a lot.)
Sometimes I like that asymmetrical jewelry feel, and I was in that mood on this day.
Really, I just liked this outfit. In some moments, it almost felt a tad pirate-y... which inspired the silliness below.

"Avast, matey! Is that land I spy in the distance?"

Oh, the view, the view, the view!
I am so thankful for where we live!!!

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