Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings

*Been feeling odd all day today.
As in, a little dizzy, a little out of it. Headache has been present since 7:30am yesterday morning.
Don't know what all that's about.

*BUT, all the kids were finally healthy and back in school! What a wonderful thing.
Nate was home (since he's working tonight) so we had a fun just-us kind of day...
wish I would have been feeling more normal.

*He convinced me to go to the Y with him and not swim while he worked out, but work out with him. Didn't really want to, but since he JUST FINISHED HIS MASTER'S LAST NIGHT I went anyway.
(I think that's his favorite thing. The two of us doing some work-out-y kind of something, together.)
I pouted on the way there.

*Ummmm, I actually enjoyed it.
I didn't do much.
But it felt good anyway.
(But I still felt weird before, during, and after.)
And I got to watch My First Place on HGTV...
and remember that watching close captioned stuff messes with my eyes.

*I've never eaten at Spicy Pickle before.
I don't know why not. It was yummy.

*Thought it was interesting that my blog post the other day stirred up some offense... 
but not about what it was written about. 
A few people (like, 3) were offended at what it wasn't about, but they thought it was about that. Which was odd to me, because it wasn't about that at all. That wasn't even mentioned in the post, because the post only mentioned what the post was about.
So, it didn't make sense to me why they were offended with the post.

*I now realize most of us need to re-learn the way our government is actually supposed to work.
As in, how our laws actually state our government works.
Not how we think our laws say it should work.

*I didn't watch the Oscars last night, but I did catch up on the fashion today.
Post pending.

*Suuuuuuure would love to walk a red carpet sometime.
So I can wear the gown and the jewels? Yes.
So I can walk confidently and turn my head toward the camera and smile like it loves me? Yes.
So I can make unexpected goofy facial expressions as they take my picture and then laugh hysterically?
Maaaaybe...   *wink*

*Because all posts are better with pictures, here's the man I'm so proud to call my husband...
who is now finished with his Master's Degree.
(A good pic... and then the one he always does.)

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