Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In this post on Hillsong Collected, Christine Caine completely and totally sums up my passion for women and women's events.
Her words capture the essence of my heart... because it's not just another conference that we need, it's a continual awakening.
This woman speaks my core.

It's something we may not talk about often, but we all know exists.
God wants us to rise up and walk forward effectively, and sometimes this means realizing you don't have to walk with everyone by your side.

Holly Wagner, the founder of GodChicks, wrote on stretching.
"God rewards the stretch."
I have found this in my life over and over and over, yet it's so easy to forget when I'm back to an uncomfortable, stretching place.
(Which, why does it seem I'm always there???)
"God rewards the stretch."
Mmmmm... this phrase is going to be a new, almost daily reminder for me.
"God rewards the stretch."
Ouch. Okay.

Michael Hyatt has one of the best posts on the temptations leaders face.
Whether you think yourself a leader or not, you should read this.
(Because you are a leader. No... no! Don't shake your head at me. You are, whether you want to realize it or not. We all are.)
Whether you think you need to or not, you should read this.
(Because we all need this.)
It will stick in your heart and remind you when you need to reminded... so you can grow into more of what God is desiring you to grow into.
(Hey, did you know I got to meet Mr. Hyatt? Yes. Yes, indeed.)

The Nester might have described me *just a bit* in her post on I Hate To Pass Up A Good Deal-itis Disease Syndrome.
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.
Ummm... I'm only partially admitting to a little bit. Does that mean my problem isn't as bad as everyone else's? *ahem*

Last, but not least, my college friend Anna from Sweet Nest posted this photo.
It brought me such a profound moment of quiet joy I had to share it with you...

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