Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Oh, my. This is so cool. We rent, so I won't be doing it.
But maybe some of you could?
If you're tired of your carpet, and don't have mullah to spend to change it, do this.
And, I totally stalk my friends, so this link came from Susie, who was passing it to Amber. I was just the fly on the wall. (Love you, girls!)

For great artful fashion photos, Ave Styles pulls together every few days a great bunch of eye candy.
Check out her Fashion Inspiration posts.

I have to admit, Jon Acuff's post on Lil' Wayne at Stuff Christians Like threw me off at first, but then I found my heart was warmed.
You just never know...
you just never know...
(Fyi, I've never been able to stand Lil' Wayne... but miracles do happen every day... which is evidenced by...)

My friend Danielle has an incredible story that she shared in two parts on our friend Andrea's blog, A Dash of Parsley.
Nothing is too far gone. Nothing is lost forever.
There is always hope.
And grace.
And blessing.
Read part one here.
And then read part two.

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