Saturday, February 26, 2011

At this moment...

...I'm sitting at the Olympic Training Center looking way more official than I actually am.

I've had the honor of singing the National Anthem at our home gymnastics meet four times in the past 24 hours.
(That song will always inspire me. Every time. Powerful.)
I've been doing some announcing, and they actually had me do some of the awards.
I can't believe they're trusting me with the microphone.
(Just sayin'...)

My awesome hubby has been filling in with security (he looks awfully tough/snuggly), concessions (where he's keeping order amongst teenagers) and holding down the chair next to me when he's not in either of those places.

Ian competed last night and had a blast. Our awesome friends from church, Kevin & Becky, as well as his teacher, Mrs. Pedersen, came by to cheer him on.
I'd post pics, but I took them with the regular camera... so I can't upload them right now... because I don't have the cord... because I didn't think I'd be posting in the middle of the meet.

One of the coaches from Xtreme Altitude posed for my iPhotobooth pic...

Love this flag. LOVE this flag. (Too bad iPhotobooth takes reverse pics.)

One of our Colorado Training Center Level 10's on rings.

After the third session was over we had an exhibition on the Pommel by CJ Maestas, who lives and trains here at the Olympic Training Center and just made the Mens' National Team.
(I video'd it, because it's super cool. This stuff is amazing!!!)

Here I am with the MAN, Ron Brant. He pretty much makes this place run.
(I asked nicely for him to stop for a minute to take the photo... on iPhotobooth... so the flag is still in reverse.)

And here's me super excited because Ron gave me this furry head thing that is FABulous.
(It was sitting in a box of goodies and I'd had my eye on it since yesterday. "Ron! WHAT is THIS?"
He said I could have it for volunteering. Love. You are SO going to see this in upcoming fashion posts!)

And then me and Nate goofing around with the iPhotobooth camera...
(you can tell I'm really busy and really official.)

And here's when I talked three of the CTC level 10's into stopping by the iPhotobooth for a second.
(Truth be told, I don't think they realized what was going on. I just said, "Hey! Lean in!" Then I'm quasi-squinty-eyed because I'm laughing.)

(from left, Greg, Corbin and Nick)

Now the last session is almost over, and I think I'm on cue soon to announce awards, seeeewwwww...

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