Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Outfit Post

Wore this out and about, like, over a week ago I think.
I just remember I had a really full day that day... which seems crazy that I wore heels for all the running around.
Except that I've fallen in love with these things!
(Actually, I think I wore them the next day running around, too. Nuts, I know. But they were great!)

Anyway, quite a few people made comments on how they loved my outfit, so I thought I'd capture it
...that's right! In the trusty ancient bathroom mirror!
(That also happens to need a wiping down with Windex.
See my face in this photo? You don't even need to tell me. I already know.)

pulling it all together...
Skinnies & long sleeve purple tissue tee: H&M
Striped top, vest, chunky gold hoops: Forever 21
Boots: Charlotte Russe *gasp* I know!
Awesome Gray Infinity Scarf (that you can't see too well): Made by my Mom-in-Law (I wear this constantly!)
Small gold ring: Grams' that my sis had resized for me as a surprise.

Thaaaaaat's right.
Now I remember.
This was that day.
The one where I raced to get ready and we rushed out of the house really fast first thing in the morning.
The one where we were told Brit's foot was going to take a long time to heal, and be really painful for quite a while, and that the chunk of bone would stay there. Floating. Forever.
The one where we had to get a referral for an MRI, and set up a second-opinion, and schedule lots of physical therapy into our already full calendar.
The one where my heart was aching for my daughter and my mind was a whirl with appointments and times and referrals and doctors...
so I wasn't watching my speed down that hill... the one we're always so careful on...
and the cop was sitting there.
And none of those things matter when you're speeding... even though you're always so careful every other time not to speed right there.
And then I cried.
And I hate crying at times like that. But it was just too much.
And then the full day kept rolling, and somehow I got through it...

I wore this outfit on that day.

Then this happened.
And our prayers were answered.
And referrals came lighting fast.
And appointment times seemed almost held open just so we could take them.
(They were. Because God's awesome like that.)
And Brit came out of her boot.
And she's walking... and jumping... and running.
(No back handsprings or tumbling or vaulting quite yet, but we're getting there.)

God is so, so good. SO good. And I think I see His goodness even more when I walk through days like the one where I wore this outfit.
Because if we don't walk through the valleys, we'll never recognize the peaks when we're standing atop them.

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