Monday, January 3, 2011

Random Outfit Post

Wore this to yesterday to church.

pulling it all together...
*Skinny Cargos & Fur Vest & Booties: Charlotte Russe
*Black Top: Goodwill (Vintage?)
*Black Tank layered under: Forever 21 (Had this for 7 years. GREAT buy!)
Belt: Thrifted. Love it. It seems like a leather scrap that someone just punched holes in.
Silver Cuff: Grams
Silver bracelet: from Qatar, via hubby
White Gold Ring: Grams
Leather Bracelets: Brave - Godchicks, Grace - Epcot (In Canada Land... eh.)
Earrings: Made by my awesome friend Hannah.
Sunglasses (in first pic): Wal-mart

Seeewwww... the other day I posted about Charlotte Russe and how my former opinion of their shoes has been turned upside down.
Well, when I went in to trade the heels for these boots, they were having a massive, massive sale.
I've been wanting skinny cargos since last Spring and FREAKED when I saw these for 5 bucks.
I just said FIVE DOLLARS.
I thought they would be junk, and I will say that I had to try on a couple of pairs to find ones where the seams were straight.
But, these are SO awesome. We'll see how they wash up, but they're totally on my Current Favorites list in my closet. Incredibly comfy. I don't want to stop wearing them.
(Obviously, since I'm wearing them again today.)
I also splurged on this faux fur vest.
(Splurge = $20.)
It almost looks like little feathers in person, and I'm not quite sure what fur it's supposed to be mimicking.
But I totally fell in love (even though it doesn't have pockets).
It's just so unique! I knew I'd get lots of wear out of it over the years, and it's such a fun piece to add to my funky jacket/vest collection.

As for this top, when I first tried it on at my most favorite Goodwill EVER in California,
I was like, "Hmmmm... I don't know."
But I decided that I adored its vintage flavor and, even though it was short in the waist, had to bring it home.
I think this is only the second time I've worn it, but I do really like the texture of the X across the front.
For a dollar it's a funky piece to keep in my wardrobe.

Just fyi, nearly a year ago I posted on how I'm not a fan of black shoes with brown heels... albeit there are a few exceptions.
(VERY few.)
Well, these are one of them.
I think it's because the heels are so dark brown that you almost don't even notice. And it adds a subtle funk factor.
So, there you have it. I now have black shoes with brown heels.
(I'm sure that was high on your I Care About This list.)
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