Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Musings

It's getting closer to Valentine's Day.
Which means it's getting closer to Post-Valentine's Day.
Which means it's getting closer to Sweethearts being 75% off. *evil laugh*
I was not stocked this entire last year, because someone wasn't HERE for Valentine's Day Clearance 2010.
The same someone who watches for the price drop and then stocks my Sweethearts reserve.
Well, he's here this year.

I hope it dumps lots of snow tonight.
Everyone was saying how much they were ready for Spring after the warm weather last week.
Well, I'm not.
I haven't had my big snow dump yet.

I've been thinking of my conversation over lunch today with an (amazing and incredible) friend.
(Hi, Jess!)
This afternoon and evening I have just been in awe of how two people can have an intensely deep passion for the exact same things, and because of the different ways God has gifted them they'll both affect what they're passionate about in different ways from different angles.
But, affect it they will.
What an incredible example of the different parts of the Body of Christ... the Church.
It's why we all have different talents, different strengths, different gifts... because when we come together we enact change as a whole.
I'm in awe.

And because posts are *in general* better with pictures...

Here is us celebrating this last Saturday at the Cheesecake Factory after Ian took second on Vault in his gymnastics meet:

And here is what they did for Ian on the cheesecake plate:
(He's sitting here as I post this and desperately wanted you to see.)

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