Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Tip Friday: Dig out the Lacers

I know some of you aren't going to like this fashion tip,
and that's okay.

I've been meaning to pull out my old Lacers for quite a while, I'd just always forget every time I was rushing to get ready and get out the door.
(Because, I'm always rushing, for some reason.)

I remember posting on them way-the-heck-back-when (which is an official term for time, fyi) and wondering if I'd actually ever wear them again.
Truly, thinking I wouldn't.

But, times change...
and where it used to be laughable to wear your lacers with your pants tucked in,
now it's more of-the-moment.
(Check out the fall runways.)
Because, like it or not, grunge is making a return.
(Holla, Seattle!)
We're just not into it quite full-blown yet, but we're on our way...
and lace-up boots are in full swing...
whether military inspired or country inspired.
(Man, am I ever glad I don't have that If-You-Haven't-Worn-It-In-A-Year-Get-Rid-Of-It Rule! I've always thought that was ridiculous. How do you think we get "vintage?")

So, Sunday I wore this:

And Sunday night I wanted to keep wearing the pants because they were stinking comfy, so it was then that I finally remembered to dig out my old Lacers and wore this:

(Yes, pics are in my cheapy mirror in my bathroom. That can't be helped.)

pulling it all together... Jacket: Target, Scarf: Made by Mom-in-Law, Tee: Men's Hanes v-neck dyed "black" which is evidently gray, Belt: Thrited, Skinny Cargos: Charlotte Russe, Lacers: Laredo, Necklace: Lisa Leonard Designs, Earrings: Same rhinestone ones you always see from Denver Airport, Bracelets: Same leather ones I wear constantly

Then Monday I was in a rush again *gasp* and didn't want to think much about my outfit but wanted to be comfy, yet not in sweats.
So it was the same pants and boots again.

Denim jacket: Gap, via Goodwill, Striped Top: Forever 21

I'm loving them... just like I did when I was 17.

Man, re-reading my original post on these things in my myspace archives took me back.
Maybe you grew up in a small town like this?
Maybe you're still in one?
Well, go dig out your lacers. Dust them off.
(Or go to Goodwill and find someone else's old ones for cheap.)
Then pair them with some skinny jeans... or tights and skirt... or leggings and a nubby wrap-sweater.
(Only pair with Wranglers, though, if you're actually working on the farm. I don't still have those.
Wouldn't be able to fit into them if I did.)

Just for fun, here's my original post, from April 12, 2007:

Sassy Shoe Thursday, Vintage Edition: "These Boots."

There was a time when I knew every single word to every single Garth Brooks song. When we'd sit in the back of Jason's old truck, stare up at the sky, and get a little emotional when "The Dance" came on. When I was the lifeguard with blond hair that spent her summers racing and teaching swim lessons. I was not the girl working in the bean fields of the farm down the road. And I was thankful.

There was a time when boys had gunracks in their rear windows and wayward straw from hay bales stuck in the crevices of their cab. If you lived out of town chances are you really used the boots you wore. If you lived in town you wore them either because you worked on a friend's farm or because that's just what you wore. Some had the hat because they worked all day at the auction, in the stalls, in the sun. Others worked at the hardware store on Main Street, but they had the hat anyway. Regardless, everyone would wear them to the rodeo that occasionally came through town.

There was a time when I pined away after the cowboy. The carefree nature. Working hard to earn a living. He broke my heart once. He broke my heart twice. I learned the hard way. 

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I wore these boots and loved them. I was a part of that town, living just beyond the city limits. Something about the simplicity. Seeing my friends drive the combine through the wheat fields. Turning my head for air in the middle of the 100 freestyle and breathing in the freshly cut mint. I didn't toil on the farm. I didn't use my boots for work. But I was a part of that town.

Then I left for college. A bigger world. Be whoever you want to be. The cowboy sudddenly became antiquated... not really what the majority of life was about. There was more to experience than Dari Mart on a Saturday night. More to love than Lori Morgan's "Something in Red" and Chris LeDoux's "Watcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy."

I grew.

So when that cowboy came a callin' saying I was the best girl he ever knew. When he said sorry for breaking my heart. When he tried to woo me with promises of marriage and rodeos. When he said I was the dream he always longed for... I didn't fall for it a third time.

These boots will stay in my closet. A reminder of more innocent days gone by. A piece of the past that I love, but proof I embraced a future better than they had to offer.

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