Monday, January 17, 2011

Answered Prayer

I pray for things in my every day life, but then there are times when I get so busy with the daily-ness of it all that I don't necessarily notice when a prayer is answered.
The big ones, yes. Of course.
Healing. Saved marriages. Job stuff. Church stuff. Dream stuff.
But, the daily ones, not always.
I mean, I do.
But, I don't.
Can you relate?

Last night we prayed for something very specific concerning doctors and Brit's long-broken foot and appointments and such.
This morning I made one phone call and that prayer was answered.
The prayer that last week seemed like a ginormous long shot.
The prayer that we prayed anyway over the weekend.
And again last night.

But, I was so caught up in my daily-ness that when it happened I pretty much said, "Awesome!" and moved on to the next thing.
It was Brittney who stopped, realized what had happened, and said, "Mom! That was our prayer! That was exactly what we prayed. Mom, God answered our prayer!"
"Brit. You're right." And we stopped and thanked Jesus that He heard and that He answered.

Oh, that I would always see...
always recognize...
always stop to take joy in the answered prayers amidst the daily-ness, and to thank my God for hearing the cry of my daughter's heart...
and my own.

I'm so thankful for children who wake our attentions to greater things.

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