Friday, December 30, 2011

Loving Lately... pinterest edition

Have you discovered this site yet? 
(If you have, you're saying, "You are SO late in the game in blogging about this." I know, I know. But... some people still don't know about it! And because of my deep care for them...)
Oh-my-dear-me. You know all the super great stuff you find online and think, "Okay, I just need to remember this!" and then months later you think, "What was that thing? I know it was super cool!" Well, now you CAN remember! With Pinterest, you can "pin" all the ideas you find online onto different boards (fashion, diy, decor, whatev). AND, you can browse other people's boards to find even more amazing ideas.
You need an invite to sign up, which you can either request on the site or shoot me an email and I'll go on the site and send you one.
(Because I'm co-dependent like that.)
But you can check out the photos on the site until you're officially on and just drool. *wink*

Once you have an account you drag a little bookmark to your bookmark bar, and then pin away! And on the site you can browse everything... or browse different categories... or find friends and browse their stuff...

(Find me here.) 

Some of the funness I've pinned (because, in Angela Land, funness is a word, even if Words With Friends doesn't recognize it):

...Fashion Inspiration...

...Home Style...

Source: via Angela on Pinterest


...Freaking Brilliant...

...Just Plain Love...

...Hair, There and Everywhere... 

...Makes Me Laugh...

I just want YOU to know about something that I have been loving.
(And, remember, I'm co-dependant like that. Because if I'm addicted, you really should be, too. Right?)

For the record, yes I know a knock-off site (pinspire) has already spun off. If you try it and like it better, let me know. But, for now... like N*Sync over Backstreet Boys, Disneyland over Universal Studios, McDonalds over Burger King... I'm sticking with the original.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Outfit Post: Keepin' it real... yo.

This is one of those posts where I want to write something deep and pensive.
It's the time of year where I have so many things stirring in me that I don't even know what words to use.
(Well, kind of.
We all know I'm seldom short on verbiage. *wink*)
Just because I haven't been posting very often doesn't mean I'm short on topics or concerns or statements I want to declare from the mountain tops.
On the contrary, I'm so full of them I may burst!
Busy schedules and family and holidays and changes-occurred and changes-occurring and changes-that-we-suspect-are-coming-but-don't-have-evidence-of yet... it all lends itself to a frenzy in my heart and head and the only thing that can eeek its way out is...

...wait for it...

...waaaaaaiiiiiit for it...

Yes... a Random Outfit Post.
But, we're all about keepin' it real 'round these parts... yo.
And if you've ever been around me for any length of time, you know I'm a sweat-pants kind of girl.
Or, in this case, yoga pants.
And some days just call for wearing them out and about.

pulling it all together...
Yoga pants: from the Awaken Conference... that if you weren't at you missed OUT!!!
Black Tee: from my awesome friend Tammy
Gray Tee: Fav from French Quarter in San Luis Obispo
Fake Uggs: Costco, baby!!! Best ev-ah.
Plain silver hoops from I-can't-remember.

Now, you may notice that pink strip in my hair. I've actually had that since September, and the other day I accidentally pulled it out! Boo. It's an extension, and I re-dyed it a few times. But I love having a little funk in the flavor of my everyday.

We're all about real women living real lives on this here blog, so this is just me being real and posting real outfits... yo.

Maybe I'll be able to organize my thoughts more as we head into 2012.
Here's looking to all the adventure it will hold...

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seasonally Required: The Hanukkah Song

Because it really is required this time of year... at least in our house.
Here it is, THE original:

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Outfit Post: Christmas Casual

The dilemma is always how to be Christmas-y without being cheesy.
Okay, well maybe not always. I'm not opposed to cheesy if it's quite intentional.
But sometimes you want to be appropriately Christmas-y.

This is what I did the other day to embrace the red & green.

pulling it all together...
Sweater: Gifted from friend, vintage (Thanks, Casse!!!_
Long sleeved tee: Favs from The French Quarter in San Luis Obispo ($7! Nate will be getting me some more when he goes TDY there again in January.)
Denim: Free People, via Goodwill... also seen here.
Silver over-the-knee socks: Claire's, from their 10 for $10 sale. Yes, they were $1. Score!
Boots: Gariella Rocha, via huge sale at
Scarf: NYC street vendor
Rhinestone earrings: shop at DIA
Bracelets & ring: the ones you always see me in.

As you can see, the red and green are a bit more muted. Still Christmas-y, but not "I've been thrown up on by a reindeer" kind of Christmas-y. I mean, you could really wear this any time of year... it just comes in handy when showing holiday spirit.
Touches of silver (socks & earrings) added an extra bit of cheer. *smile*

Love our view!

The boots are super-duper pointy, but oh-so-comfy. Sometimes they remind me of elf attire.

Whenever I wear these over-the-knee socks people kind of freak out about them. They're a bit fish-net-y, but I love how the silver can go more casual (ie, this outfit) or dressy (ie, a more black-based outfit, such as I wore this past Sunday that may appear on here soon).
Seriously. One dollar. Love.

Aaaaaaand, because it's me, of course I'm going to take a silly shadow pic when I suddenly become aware of that opportunity.

Merry Christmas!!!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Outfit Post

Sunday was one of those "Ack! I need to be leaving right NOW!" thrown together outfits...
but I loved how it turned out!
I found this jacket a couple of weeks ago when Goodwilling with my Mom, and it seemed to call my name that morning.
Either that, or it was laying on my bathroom floor atop of a heap of clothes and, being bright red, just got stuck in my head as something to put on.
Yeah. One of those.

I loved the slight "military" feel of the whole thing, which is mostly contributed to by the pronounced jacket shoulders, buttons and pockets... but added to by the boots.
I wish I would have had my aviators to wear... alas, they died a while back and Wal-mart doesn't have the same ones anymore. Grrrr...

pulling it all together...
Jacket: Betsey Johnson, via Goodwill (I know!) It's actually a more orange-y red in person.
Denim: Free People, via Goodwill (*gasp* I KNOW!!!)
Tunic-y Top: Target, via Goodwill
Belt: Thanks, Mom  =^)
Boots: B Makowsky, a token from my stay at the Opryland Hotel last winter
Big ol' Gold Hoops, that you can't really see: Forever 21
Ring: Claire's
Chains: Actually one necklace that belonged to Nate's Grammie

This next picture just makes me giggle, because I look like I'm watching someone do something I know they shouldn't do, but they're doing in anyway.

I've been wearing my hair like this a lot lately, with the whole front-pouf thing going on. It just keeps it out of my face. And when I'm singing, that's especially nice. I've thought about cutting bangs... actually, for years I've been thinking about it... but just haven't gone that route.
So, those little clippy things in black come in quite handy for stuff like this.
But, I go through phases, and I'm sure I'll be more into the side-swept fringe thing again soon.
And then the blow-it-all-back thing.
But, probably not entirely the head-band-thing, because I'm not a natural with those.

And with that useless piece of information...

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Fun Ball

Somehow, in talking about Christmas presents, we decided it was time to introduce the kids to this:
*Please excuse the ad at the beginning. There was no way around it.*

...because they just don't make toys (or TV) like they used to. 
"Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball."

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday: An Explanation

**Yes, I know it's been two weeks since I've last posted. I know I long ago fell off the NaBloPoMo wagon. Such is life, and I'm not going to beat myself up about it. There's always next year, and it's good that I've made the right priorities the priorities this time of year.**

This may come a little late, but I didn't even think of posting it until I saw so many people saying, "What's the deal with Black Friday?"
"It's not worth it."
"Why do people put themselves through this torture?"
So many tweets, a few conversations... and I realized maybe I should put my own thoughts out there.

When Black Friday rolls around, you have one group that goes nuts. Absolutely nuts.
We know this. We watch the news and see them screaming at each other... ramming one another with shopping carts... hollering as one lovely woman did in Toys R Us two years ago, "Get outta de way! Mah babies need toys! MAH BABIES NEED TOYS!!!"
They see something marked "sale" and they pounce, almost not even caring what it is.

Then you have another group of people that will in no way, shape or form engage in anything having to do with Black Friday. They see the chaos on tv, they hear the stories, and they think, "Is saving 30% on a talking doll really worth going through that?"
This group either has their shopping already finished, OR they just do it online and pay a little more because they can't stand the chaos.

I didn't think any of it was worth it either... until we had children.
And a budget.
And hardly any money in that budget.

I remember being stationed in Montana. We were on a 1st Lieutenant's salary and had three young children. Between still paying off student loans and two car payments, we looked at each other and wondered what in the world we would do for Christmas.
Scooters were such a huge deal then, and Taylor had been wanting one so badly.
When Wal-Mart came out with an unreal deal on them in their Black Friday ad, we knew we'd be able to get them for both the boys!
And we did.

We're the people that comb meticulously through the ads looking for good deals on things that are already on our list.
Usually our list is made up of if-we-find-it-for-a-good-deal items.
We're not we're-going-to-buy-this-no-matter-what people.
We're more opportunists who know what they're looking for.

So I'm not going to hit Kohls to buy jammies sets for 50% off, because they aren't on my maybe-list.
But I will brave a store amidst chaos to get something on my list that doesn't usually go on sale but is 50% off of Black Friday.
(ie, Legos... none of which went that cheap this year. Boo.)
And if the deal is online? Awesome! We'd much rather do that. But, truthfully, you don't always find deals as good online as you do in stores.

We know what we want. We comb through ads. We map out a plan.
We do our research so we know exactly how good of a deal we're getting... or not getting.
We know when to move forward (last night at Wal-Mart), and we know when to throw in the towel because the line is just too long (last night at Target).
We also don't pout (too much) when we don't get what we're after.
We mentally rate the deal we're going to get with the hassle of getting it.
And, over the years, Black Friday has enabled us to get some awesome things that we know the kids will love (and wouldn't have gotten otherwise) and still stay within our budget.
That makes it worth it.
Even if it means putting up with the lady pushing us aside while yelling, "Mah babies need toys!"

I do need to add that my husband is a genius.
And two years ago (with the babies-needs-toys lady), when Toys-R-Us was crazy at midnight and it would have taken four hours to check out, my awesome hubby "placed" our obtained loot-on-sale atop a high shelving unit.
We left and came back the next morning to find our items still there, out of sight of everyone.
He got them down and we went through the checkout line with everyone saying, "Where in the world did you get those? They ran out at 3am!"
Yep, they did. *wink*

And last night at Wal-Mart when everyone else was combing the aisles for a certain item marked "promo" that was already gone, my awesome hubby walks over to where they're usually stocked, grabs an unmarked one, and scans it to see if it was the same price as the marked ones.
It was.

Oh, the things people don't think of that my husband does.
So, maybe Black Friday also requires good teamwork? *wink*

The bottom line:
*Know exactly what you're looking for.
*Comb the ads carefully.
*Map out a plan.
*Do your research. (Stores often mark up "retail" prices and then take the percent off.)
*Weigh the shopping torture with the payoff... and keep that in mind when you're in the thick of it.
*Think outside the box when dealing with crowds.
*Never feel entitled to the deal.
*If there aren't any deals you're after, don't go!!!

When we enter in with those guidelines under our belt, it's worth it every time.
Besides, we always come out on the other end with great stories.
"Mah babies need toys!"

Here's to Black Friday 2012!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Awaken Sleepover!!!

Awaken is HERE!
And we are crashing at my house and laughing and having a blast.
If you're NOT here then you can STILL be here tomorrow.
Ch-ch-check it out at Just show up and pay at the door and join the rest of us!

And now I'm going to go laugh some more and paint some fingers and make some t-shirts and eat some junk and probably stay up waaaaaayyyyyy too late.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am expectant.
Of great things.
Of miracles.
Of movements.
Of growth coming through difficult situations.

I am expectant because I know I can be.
Because I live for Someone who specializes in great things.
Who does miracles.
Who raises up movements.
Who brings the growth.

I am expecting to hear the sound of the Holy Spirit
To see food multiplied on my counter.
To see flyers multiplied in a girl's hand.
To see gas stretched in a gas tank.
To see my son healed.

It's difficult for me to be around people who are not expectant.
Who are unexpectant.
That's not a word, but it should be.
So many of us are unexpectant.
They don't think great things can happen anymore.
They don't believe in miracles.
They are tired of movements because they've seen the corruption and the dilution.
They're stagnant.

I want to grab them by their shoulders and shout, "You're missing LIFE!!!!!"
I want to hug them until they smile.
I want to help them see the impossible become possible when we live by a standard that is not of this world.
I want to spur their hearts to passion, conviction... MORE.
I want to share, because as I share my expectation maybe theirs will grow.

Some ARE stirred.
And some will never be stirred.
They will die in mediocrity and half-heartedness.

Oh, the agony of being on the other side and realizing there was a life you could have lived, but did not.
A Creator you could have known, but chose to believe did not exist.
People you could have helped save, but thought they weren't worth it.
The agony.

So, I live expectant.
Expectant that YOU reading THIS will have a realization of the LOVE that is held for YOU.
Expectant that YOU will SEE MIRACLES.
Expectant that YOU will join the GREATEST MOVEMENT of ALL TIME.
Expectant that YOU will finally let go, face what you've not wanted to face, and find FREEDOM in giving it ALL over to the ONE who created you.

"They overcame... by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony."
Revelation 12:11

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Loving Lately

*Knee-high socks and leg warmers.
No, I haven't actually been wearing the leg warmers as, well, they're intentioned. (Not usually, anyway.)
I've been letting them peek out of my boots so they LOOK like socks.
Heh-heh. Tricky me. (Now you know.)

*Claire's 10 for $10 sale...
where I get many a knee-high sock and leg warmer. *wink*

*The Awaken Conference.
SOOOOOO excited for this weekend!
Lives changed. Hearts awakened. Popcorn eaten and toes painted at my house. T-shirts made.
Barlow Girl and Everyday Sunday and Holly Wagner and Katie Luce and Hannah and Melissa and old friends and new friends and... aaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
(You can still get tickets online until Thursday at 5pm MST. After that you'll have to get them at the door.)
Worth it.
"I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!"

I KNOW! Crazy. I used to hate this stuff as a kid. Then we had a free coupon for some at McDonald's last winter. And if it's free... well... you HAVE to try it.
So I did.
Love. Lo-uhve. Lurv.
Then Starbucks.
And now Coach's Oats from Costco, mixed with brown sugar, raisins and pecans. They don't get soggy.
(It just occurred to me that maybe it's more the brown sugar, raisins and pecans. Whatever.)

*My iPhone.
My life.
(My wonderful hubby loves me so much!!!)

*Photos from over the last few years.
It's just fun to look at the kids, our expressions, walk through the memories...

*Scarves. SCARVES, PEOPLE!!!!!
They change up any outfit in an instant. I mean, just look...


"I can't! I have little arms!"

Look at me. I'm in Qatar. Wait. No, I'm not.

Ian wanted in. Evidently, so did Nate.

Okay, so maybe not THAT outfit. Especially since today was Sweatpants And No Makeup Day.
But, scarves change up OTHER outfits.

*Silly pictures.
I always love those. That's not just lately.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have a hard time...

...deleting photos off of my computer, because I think that *even if they're not very good* someday I'll want to have them as a memory.

...leaving message conversations on facebook, because I don't want someone to think I'm rejecting them or what they're talking about.

...asking anyone for money for anything.

...leaving things in the thrift store that I know could potentially be SO GREAT for someone else!

...going to bed at a reasonable hour when my hubby's out of town because there's so much to get done.

...parting with clothes I think I *may* wear again someday, unless they're going to someone I know will really use them!

...keeping up on the laundry, because it's never ending.

...with people who use foul language, because there's just no need. 

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Monday, November 7, 2011

...singing as one...

...clinging... believing... standing firm...

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Outfit Post

I wore this today.
People seemed to like it, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures.
Not too many, though, because my usual camera's battery was dead, so I enlisted Nate to take them with the iPad.
But he really wanted to be watching the football game instead.
I get that. So we took two and were done.
I don't think the outfit comes across too well here, but you get the general idea.
(Fyi, I'm super particular with the length of my pants. They look a little shorter in the photos than I thought they actually were when I wore them. Hmmm...)

pulling it all together...
Shirt: Thrifted, says from Vietnam
Tank: Best tanks EVER!!! My awesome hubby just brought me a whole new batch of colors from the awesome little boutique in San Luis Obispo called The French Quarter. $5 each. I die.
Denim: Citizens, via awesome Tammy, via Goodwill (Those are buttons down the bottom third of the leg.)
Shoes: RSVP, via Goodwill
Belt: Asos boyfriend belt. I drooled over this forEVer on maegan and hunted for a similar one for a year in thrift stores to no avail. So when she tipped her readers that it was on sale I freaked a bit. It's actually a God-loves-me story, because I found out right before heading to bed one day and was super tired. So I thought, "I'll wait to order it 'til morning." Went to order it right away the next day and they were OUT. Of ALL sizes!!! I kicked myself over and over and... I prayed. Yes, seriously. This is the way I operate. Me and God. I went back about fifteen minutes later, still so disgusted with myself, hunted around some more, and all of a sudden there was ONE in the size I wanted! It let me put it in my cart. It processed the order. I jumped around the kitchen laughing and dancing. And when I went back to see if I could order more they were gone again. SO HAPPY!!!!! He knows things like that mean SO much to me, because He's the One who made me this way! Love that He loves us in our own love language.
(I just checked, they don't have the exact one *obviously*, but do have a skinnier version here for only $14.98 or a super thin, plaited version here.)
Necklaces: Uganda paper beads, thrifted gold beads
Bracelets: Leather ones I always wear, gold cuff (and ring)from Grams
Earrings (that you can't really see): Kenya
Hair: Loose braid

One of my friends told me today, "I hope this isn't offensive. Don't take it the wrong way. But, your hair looks like Pocohontas. That's good, though! That's a good thing!"
It made me laugh.  =^)

And, fyi, Asos has a great selection of clearance in ALL price ranges, and free shipping both ways!!! I haven't ordered anything else yet to see how their other products are, but I'm glad they're now on my radar!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Night Musings (complete with an odd but cool fact)

*Once again, I'm getting my post in just under the wire, but getting it in nonetheless.

*Brit had her home gymnastics meet today. I love how she always has a smile on her face and is encouraging those around her, no matter how she's doing herself.
I sure adore that girl.

*She didn't break her foot this year, which was a bonus... as opposed to last year at the same meet.

*I admit I was watching her feet on the balance beam, holding my breath hoping nothing happened this time around.
Then I realized how silly it was to worry and was able to enjoy the second half of the routine.  =^)
She scored a 9.25.
We're a *little* proud.

*We had a small group leaders appreciation dinner tonight at church. I am so thankful for these people who are willing to give their lives in the middle of the mess because they know they are called!!!
(Now, if more of us would just realize this truth and DO something about it. Some of you know... you know you're supposed to open your home and have people over on a weekly basis. But you keep thinking that life is messy and busy and crazy and full. If that's your excuse, then you're never going to wind up doing what God is calling you to do.
Because life will ALWAYS be messy and busy and crazy and full!!!
We are called in the MIDST of that.)
*steps down off the soapbox*

*Funny to stand around afterward and quote movies with some friends.
I tend to think we're the only ones that do this to a seemingly abnormal fault.
I guess not. *wink*

*Now we're home and I'm going over Christmas music at 11:30pm... which is actually 10:30pm... because fall BACK is way better than spring FORWARD.

*Which reminds me that fifteen years ago on daylight savings time I gave birth to Taylor. He was born on the first 1:14am... and then it hit 2:00am and rolled back to 1:00am... and 1:14am came around again... so Taylor lived his birth time twice.

*File THAT under odd things you didn't need to know but find kind of interesting and humorous anyway.
(Because we all have a file in our brains that is named such.)

*And now, because it's my blog and I can do things like this, I present you with my adorable daughter and the gold medal she was presented with today because of her outstanding beam routine.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Old Man Shoes

I wore this outfit a while ago (that seems to be a theme lately) and realized I've *gasp* never posted on these shoes!!!
I mean, I don't think I have.
I can't find a post.
And they're so awesome!
(I know some of you are going to be all, "Ummm... they're actually super awful." And others of you will be like, "Why, oh, why did you find these instead of me?")

So, I now give you what I affectionately refer to as my red old man shoes:

I KNOW!!!!!! I found them at one of my fav thrift stores (the one up on the Air Force Academy) last fall and kind of freaked. I seriously think they were $1.50.
The funny thing is I wore them back to the store a few weeks later.
Woman at the counter: "Oh! I used to have a pair of shoes just like that!"
Me: "Well, I got them here just a bit ago."
Woman: "Those were my shoes!!!"
Love it.

She said they're from some long-since-closed shoe shop in Colorado Springs that made all their own footwear.
They're such a soft suede and so lightweight that I feel like I should be skipping and dancing every time I wear them.
(Truthfully, I often do.)

I can just TELL ya that they are a BLAST to wear. 
(I maintain that every woman needs a pair of red shoes... even if they aren't red old man shoes.)

Here's what I wore with them on this particular day:

pulling it all together...
Gray Skinnies: Sqin from H&M (Which opens next week in Denver! Aaaaaaa!!!!!!)
Gray tee with girls face, brand unknown: via my amazing friend Tammy, via Goodwill.
Lace Cardi: Target clearance last winter
Accessories: The ones I always wear, with Kenya earrings.

I think I'm showing you my accessories in this next pic, as well as my nail polish.
For a while I was painting my ring finger a different color than the rest of my nails.
Here they're black with a gunmetal kind of color on that one finger.
Doesn't quite come through in the picture, but I do look intrigued and mysterious.

Note I'm laying on the floor. I used my iPhotoBooth camera because, evidently, I couldn't be bothered to use the actual camera.
It also seems I didn't want to stand up.
I guess we all have days like that.

As a side note, my red old man shoes also came in handy for my daughter's use in a nerd costume this Halloween...

...and as Shakespeare last spring for a school event...

Now that you're totally inspired to go find your own old man shoes, run to your nearest thrift store!
(Or you could find them brand new, since this style is evidently all the craze right now.)
I will wish upon you good hunting and bright colored finds. *wink*

(Yes, I realize this should have been a Sassy Shoe Thursday post, but today is Friday. I didn't want to wait another week. I'm labeling it as such anyway.)

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