Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Found!

Some of my readers may remember that I've been on the hunt for black leather (But not suede, because I don't want the snow to have a chance at ruining them.) closed-toe, closed-back heels that don't look granny-ish or hooker-ish for, like,
(Or a little over a year. You know. Same thing.)
I thought I had found them, and then discovered I was wrong.

I had nearly given up hope, because they're all too short or too high or have some weird detailing or fit funny or aren't leather or... or... or...
 Then last week I made a bee-line for wandered into a Goodwill I rarely frequent. It's the one closest to our house, but it always seems picked over and tends to be overpriced.
(1990's Steve Maddens for $15. Ummm... no.)
But I needed a red sweater (different story) and didn't have much time, so in I went.

And, as every wise deal-shopper knows, I went straight to the shoe rack first.
(No, there aren't sweaters there. But it's a given you hit the shoes first, no matter what you're actually looking for.)

And there they were.
I almost couldn't believe it!
Black. 7 1/2. Leather. Not granny, but not hooker-height, either.
Closed-toe. Closed-heel.
Classic silhouette.
The brand was Wild Pair (nothing stellar), but, hey! They're leather!
And the soles showed barely any wear at all, so they seem practically new new...
as opposed to just new to me.

...and they were 30% off.

So, for $4.19 I brought home the classic black heel that I have. not. been. able. to. find. ANYwhere...
...until now, thanks to Goodwill.

(They have a bit more style than shows through in this pic.
But my foot is all bandaged, and I honestly don't feel like putting them on to show you that right now.
They'll come up in a Random Outfit Post soon enough.)

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