Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Beauty in Being Wrong

Some of my readers know for that for quite a while now I've been on the hunt
(Yes, it's a hunt. Like, stalking prey.)
for a really great black ankle boot.
(aka bootie or shootie)
My requirements were closed-toe, closed-heel with non-suede leather so they'd be completely practical and totally last through the next few Colorado winters.

With a black ankle boot, you'd think these things would be easy to find.
Not. So.
I've been beyond frustrated with 
1.) The lack of stylish selection (not looking to be a witch or grandma just yet),
2.) The extremely poor fit of even higher end brands, and
3.) When I did find something, they were out of my size... permanently.

While up in Denver in early December I was so frustrated that I just wanted to scream!
Right in the middle of Off Broadway Shoes.
I was quite tempted to start throwing high-priced, low-quality black ankle boots around while yelling,
"Do you people actually think I'm going to buy these? Why would I pay this much for something that makes my foot feel like I'm wearing an oval disk and has glue all over the seams?
I'm not an idiot retail customer, so stop treating me like one!!!"

Trudging back down the long mall corridors, I was on the phone with Nate.
"Charlotte Russe is there. You could always try that." He said.
He was egging me on. He knows I've never been a big Charlotte Russe fan.
I see their shoes, and they look good.
But, I knew they were cheap and couldn't possibly have a halfway decent fit... and they sure as heck wouldn't be leather.
I bought a hat five years ago there that's still one of my go-to's. But, shoes? Nuh-uh.

As I walked by, intending to head to my car, something drew me in.
Well, the sign reading "Buy one, get one for $10" more specifically drew me in, but I think it was something more.
I was incredibly skeptical. 
No way.
But, I walked to the back of the store and looked at the beauty arrayed on the back walls.
No way.
I walked through looking for my specific prey.
No way.
I found some, but they were (faux) suede and gray. I tried them on.
My goodness. They fit. They fit well. They were totally sturdy and guitar-playing worthy (my new standard for all heels). What the heck?

But it was buy one, get one for $10. I was sure I wouldn't find something else. Not here.
It was then that I spied them. Black, calf-height open-toed black booties... and they were (faux) suede.
I was breaking my criteria, but for this price I could get two pairs of shoes that would fill the space of one in my closet!
I slipped them on my feet knowing that they could not possibly be all this and comfortable, too.
After all, I was in Charlotte Russe.

**momentary dramatic pause for emotional emphasis**


(Don't hate on the chipped toe-nail polish.)

I tell you what, evidently some of these higher-end designers need to take notes from the shoe molds of Charlotte Russe, because these had way the heck more arch support than the much more expensive ones I had been trying on.
I walked around a bit. I ran a few steps. I even jumped.
(There were a few odd glances from fellow shoppers.)
Then I squealed. (Hard for you to imagine, I know.)
Totally sturdy AND guitar-playing worthy.

I instantly knew it was more than just the sign that had drawn me in to the store.
Because God is totally in my shopping and blessing me and He knew how frustrated I was.
He also knew I had three big events coming up these would be perfect for...
and that I would not have bought them otherwise.

The funny thing is I originally thought I would wear the gray, closed-toe ones the most... but they've only been on my feet once.
(Full disclosure: when I wore them they weren't quite as comfortable as I had thought. They're fine, but need toe pads.)
It's the black peep-toes that have become my new best friends. Okay, so they won't be the most practical things to wear in the snow. I guess I'll deal with it. Because they are
And from Charlotte Russe.
I was wrong
Who woulda thought?
(... that I could be wrong *wink*... and that Charlotte Russe shoes could fit well and be better quality than their higher-priced counterparts.)

(I'm still a tad skeptical on how they'll last, but that will remain to be seen. At least I won't freak out if something does happen to them.)


Now, there is kind of an amusing follow-up to this story.
For Christmas, and awesome friend gave me a pair of cute heels from Charlotte Russe. But, when I tried them on a few days later they were a tad too big.
I went down to the store to find they were out of those shoes. I tried on a few other pairs, but they only had the same size... which was too big in all the ones they had.
Then I saw it. An unassuming box shoved in the corner... that said size 7 on the side.
I opened the lid and peeked inside to find...
black closed-toe closed-heel (faux) leather ankle boots...
that were a straight across trade for the shoes I had to return.
And totally guitar-playing worthy.

(Wearing with socks because they're a little tight to get into, but once in, they're fine... which is probably why they were left behind.
And all the pics have a bit of a blue hue because the back door is in front of me and there's snow falling.)

I know. 
God loves me.

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