Friday, December 3, 2010

Random Outfit Post

Remember this the other day?
Well, here's how I wore it on Sunday:

Love, love, LOVED this outfit! Because it was so incredibly comfy and me and... and I was wearing 
freaking Burberry and Valentino! I KNOW!!!!!!!
(Has anyone else noticed that I've been saying the word "freaking" a lot lately?)
This jacket is one of my new favorite Goodwill finds. (If you follow me on twitter, you already know this.) I nearly hyperventilated when I found it last week... for something ridiculous like three dollars.
And the amazing early 90's cut with the tailored waist and the strong shoulders?
*Can't breathe. No air.*
I wasn't going to wear either of them Sunday, but as I was getting ready I noticed both the patterns and thought, "Hmmm..."
And I was right.
I've been rolling the bottom of these pants lately, for some reason. They have drawstring, as you can see in this other Random Outfit Post, but I've just been in more of a "rolled hem" type mood, I guess.

And, let me just say, I do love me some high-end fashion labels... but it may not be why you think.
(Okay, it IS fun to find them for cheap.)
The thing is, they are made so incredibly well! Honestly, shopping thrift stores has nearly ruined me for anything else. I'm so sold on quality now.
The seams. The lining. The great feel of the fabrics. The excellent cuts.
There really is an enormous difference. 
But whereas I wouldn't pay $700 for this jacket... I'll pay $3! 

See why I said I love the raw shoulders on this shirt after I did surgery on it?
And it's wide... and square... but with a wee bit of tucking in the front it's loverly.

Trying to get a good shot of the necklace.
Bright sun. Lots of squinting.

Here we go... except that it's even purplier. (Read: more purple.)
See? See the raw edge? That's right. I'm not trimming it.
I adore it just so.

pulling it all together...
Jacket: Valentino, via Goodwill. (Which is why I die.)
Tee: Burberry (via my favorite thrift store), which I cut up. (I know. Sacrilegious in some circles, but it works in Angela Land.)
Pants: Express, via my favorite thrift store.
Shoes: Steve Madden, found in a great way.
Necklace: Gifted from my Mom-in-Law
Big ol' gold hoops: Forever 21
Leather Brave & Grace Bracelets: GodChicks & Epcot
Chunky gold bangle: Thrifted from my favorite thrift store.
Gold rhinestone bracelet: Nate's Grammie (I love that I have this. Makes me a little emotional.)
Small gold ring: Grams

Here I am, looking wistfully off into the distance wondering what other high fashion items I'm going to score at thrift stores in the future. Either that or I'm looking at the school behind our house wondering if I see hooligan kids climbing on the roof again. 
It's one or the other.

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