Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A few posts that have caught my attention lately and I think they may catch yours, too... depending on your fancy:

Michael Hyatt on A Tale of Two Leaders.
I'm always conscious of styles of leadership, taking note of what works and why... and what doesn't and why. This is a great peak into why we are drawn to some and how they're able to leave lasting legacies in our lives. And also why many are just a flash in the pan, seemingly important in the moment, but never leaving anything substantial in anyone's life.

Chatting at the Sky reminds us that our yes's and no's do affect each other... are we aware of the implications?

Love Maegan shows us that clear glass ornaments can provide an endless array of decorating options.

Ave Styles always has a great does of fashion inspiration that gets my brain working and my mouth drooling.

Andrea at A Dash of Parsley shows us how to acquire free and unique wall art! Awesome, awesome!

The Nester provides us with some great eye candy in her wreath post. Oh, yummy, yummy. So many ideas, so little time!

Glenn Packiam brilliantly (as always) explains that "We read [the Bible] to discover our history, the story of God at work in and through His people, and to find that same God continuing His story in us." Why we need to look beyond the Bible as "just a book of stories" and remember that it is about real people, with a real culture, with a real history... and that our story adds to it.

And because all posts are better with pictures, here is me laying on the couch blog-hopping: 

And here is the reason I'm laying on the couch blog-hopping:

Just a little procedure I had done this afternoon. I'm fine. My stupid painful veins are not fine. 
They're laying in a trash can somewhere at the vascular clinic. But, I'm a bit immobile and a tad uncomfortable.
Maybe more than a tad in this moment, but it will improve.
And I hear it's going to be worth it.
(Yes, I realize two of my toes are without nail polish. Should have gotten to that before I couldn't reach them. Oh, well. I'm a real woman living a real life... often with chipped-off toenail polish.)
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