Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Jesus Bites

Last Friday we were invited to a Christmas party and needed to bring an appetizer or desert to share.
Hmmmm... what to bring?
What to bring?

My husband is brilliant and devised possibly the most wonderful (and tacky?) Christmas party dish ever.
Introducing BJB's....
otherwise known as Baby Jesus Bites.
(Those of you who follow me on twitter may remember BJB's inspiration, the mummy hotdogs from my youngest son's Halloween classroom party.)

Since the BJB's were so popular and are obviously a brilliant addition to any Christmas party where tacky attire is encouraged, I thought I'd share the process with you.

*Little Smokies (Which I normally abhor.)
*Crescent roll dough (The stuff that comes in those tubes and is always way tastier than if you actually made the rolls yourself.)

Step 1: Roll out the pre-cut triangle shapes and cut them into smaller triangles, reminiscent of a "swaddling cloth" or blankie. (Hee-hee.)

Step 2: Lay the Little Smoky on the triangle.

Step 3: Wrap the cute Little Smoky in it's bundle of dough...

...and then pull up the bottom so it looks like a swaddled baby... or diapered baby. Either one.

Oh, isn't he cute?

Step 4: Bake them in your incubator oven at whatever the roll packaging says.
Here they are just coming out of the oven... (pun so intended)

Step 5: Using a toothpick or whatever small pointy object you have handy, apply mustard eyes to slightly cooled Baby Jesus Bites so they can see.
(If you try to squirt it straight out of the bottle, it can get pretty messy and not precise.)

Step 6: Talk in a very high pitched voice and make them look like they're having a conversation.
You will laugh.
Trust me.

Step 7: Eat a few before the party... just to make sure they taste good.

The nursery:

And because you don't need to ask me twice to wear a tacky sweater to a party:
(Sorry for blurry pic.)

You can't quite see it here, but... yes... there are lights on our sweaters.
(Fyi, Nate won the tackiest sweater competition. I was so proud.)

Baby Jesus Bites can also masquerade as regular, non-holy babies for any baby shower.
(But, since we were attending a Christmas party, their true identity was revealed.)

We were also thinking you could use hash-browns for straw and phyllo cups for a manger and create a little scene.
You could even make Joseph and Mary hotdogs!
The possibilities are truly endless.

For those of you who may be thinking of us at this moment as sacrilegious and losing our salvation,
please know that Jesus has a pretty darn good sense of humor.
I'm pretty sure He's laughing with us... and when He comes back and we're hanging out for a thousand years in the new heaven and new earth I bet He may even say, "Hey, Angela! Why don't you whip up a batch of those delicious BJB's!"

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