Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

A few of our major 2010 memories:

 *Nate was gone for four months.
*We did Disney World and Sea World.
*We kayaked through the Everglades.
*We lounged on Miami Beach.
*I drove across the United States in a figure 8, from Florida to Washington, in the span of a few months.
*I had the honor of singing the National Anthem on the 4th of July at our church.
*We got to spend time with West Coast family and friends.
*I got to travel and share my heart with amazing women in wonderful places.
*Taylor's football team went undefeated and he won the City Wrestling Championships with a broken thumb.
*Jordan ran cross country for the first time and discovered a love for swimming.
*Brittney competed Level 5 State gymnastics with a broken foot.
*Ian competed level 4 gymnastics and is excited to be training for level 5.
*We had family with us for Thanksgiving AND Christmas.

God has blessed us immeasurably, and even through difficult decisions and amazing moments He has led us every step of the way.
I can honestly say that I'm thankful for both the trying times and the peaceful ones, because they are all blessed and God uses both to form us more into who He has called us to be and what He has called us to step into.

2010 was definitely a good year.
We captured our family (with iPhotoBooth) in the final moments so we could remember it:

I'm excited to see what 2011 holds!!!
Happy New Year, from the White House

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Beauty in Being Wrong

Some of my readers know for that for quite a while now I've been on the hunt
(Yes, it's a hunt. Like, stalking prey.)
for a really great black ankle boot.
(aka bootie or shootie)
My requirements were closed-toe, closed-heel with non-suede leather so they'd be completely practical and totally last through the next few Colorado winters.

With a black ankle boot, you'd think these things would be easy to find.
Not. So.
I've been beyond frustrated with 
1.) The lack of stylish selection (not looking to be a witch or grandma just yet),
2.) The extremely poor fit of even higher end brands, and
3.) When I did find something, they were out of my size... permanently.

While up in Denver in early December I was so frustrated that I just wanted to scream!
Right in the middle of Off Broadway Shoes.
I was quite tempted to start throwing high-priced, low-quality black ankle boots around while yelling,
"Do you people actually think I'm going to buy these? Why would I pay this much for something that makes my foot feel like I'm wearing an oval disk and has glue all over the seams?
I'm not an idiot retail customer, so stop treating me like one!!!"

Trudging back down the long mall corridors, I was on the phone with Nate.
"Charlotte Russe is there. You could always try that." He said.
He was egging me on. He knows I've never been a big Charlotte Russe fan.
I see their shoes, and they look good.
But, I knew they were cheap and couldn't possibly have a halfway decent fit... and they sure as heck wouldn't be leather.
I bought a hat five years ago there that's still one of my go-to's. But, shoes? Nuh-uh.

As I walked by, intending to head to my car, something drew me in.
Well, the sign reading "Buy one, get one for $10" more specifically drew me in, but I think it was something more.
I was incredibly skeptical. 
No way.
But, I walked to the back of the store and looked at the beauty arrayed on the back walls.
No way.
I walked through looking for my specific prey.
No way.
I found some, but they were (faux) suede and gray. I tried them on.
My goodness. They fit. They fit well. They were totally sturdy and guitar-playing worthy (my new standard for all heels). What the heck?

But it was buy one, get one for $10. I was sure I wouldn't find something else. Not here.
It was then that I spied them. Black, calf-height open-toed black booties... and they were (faux) suede.
I was breaking my criteria, but for this price I could get two pairs of shoes that would fill the space of one in my closet!
I slipped them on my feet knowing that they could not possibly be all this and comfortable, too.
After all, I was in Charlotte Russe.

**momentary dramatic pause for emotional emphasis**


(Don't hate on the chipped toe-nail polish.)

I tell you what, evidently some of these higher-end designers need to take notes from the shoe molds of Charlotte Russe, because these had way the heck more arch support than the much more expensive ones I had been trying on.
I walked around a bit. I ran a few steps. I even jumped.
(There were a few odd glances from fellow shoppers.)
Then I squealed. (Hard for you to imagine, I know.)
Totally sturdy AND guitar-playing worthy.

I instantly knew it was more than just the sign that had drawn me in to the store.
Because God is totally in my shopping and blessing me and He knew how frustrated I was.
He also knew I had three big events coming up these would be perfect for...
and that I would not have bought them otherwise.

The funny thing is I originally thought I would wear the gray, closed-toe ones the most... but they've only been on my feet once.
(Full disclosure: when I wore them they weren't quite as comfortable as I had thought. They're fine, but need toe pads.)
It's the black peep-toes that have become my new best friends. Okay, so they won't be the most practical things to wear in the snow. I guess I'll deal with it. Because they are
And from Charlotte Russe.
I was wrong
Who woulda thought?
(... that I could be wrong *wink*... and that Charlotte Russe shoes could fit well and be better quality than their higher-priced counterparts.)

(I'm still a tad skeptical on how they'll last, but that will remain to be seen. At least I won't freak out if something does happen to them.)


Now, there is kind of an amusing follow-up to this story.
For Christmas, and awesome friend gave me a pair of cute heels from Charlotte Russe. But, when I tried them on a few days later they were a tad too big.
I went down to the store to find they were out of those shoes. I tried on a few other pairs, but they only had the same size... which was too big in all the ones they had.
Then I saw it. An unassuming box shoved in the corner... that said size 7 on the side.
I opened the lid and peeked inside to find...
black closed-toe closed-heel (faux) leather ankle boots...
that were a straight across trade for the shoes I had to return.
And totally guitar-playing worthy.

(Wearing with socks because they're a little tight to get into, but once in, they're fine... which is probably why they were left behind.
And all the pics have a bit of a blue hue because the back door is in front of me and there's snow falling.)

I know. 
God loves me.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Eve Invitation

I don't know what your Christmas Eve traditions include.
A certain movie you watch, a special cider you enjoy, snuggly pajamas you curl up in.
One thing our family does is go... together... to a Christmas Eve service at our church.
Everyone singing beautiful Christmas carols, lighting candles and watching the glow spread through the congregation. Hugging friends and wishing everyone a cheerful Merry Christmas.

This year I want to invite you to join us at one of our three Christmas Eve services at our church.
If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can come be with us at 12:00, 2:30 or 5:00!
If you DON'T live here, you can join us online at those same times! (MST)
Our family will be attending the 5:00pm service, but I'll be at all three!
(The dark haired one with the peep toe boots, tulle skirt and Valentino jacket. *wink*)
The interactive service is hilarious (especially if you've ever liked Wham), warm, inviting, and a good reminder of why we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

So, come... either in person or in heart... to Glow.
(Just click here for the live services.)

(...and if you're actually AT at the services, come say hi!!! Or if you text me soon enough, I'll save you seats!)

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Dreams (and how we can miss them)

It's after midnight and I can't sleep.
My hubby and the kids are asleep.
My parents are asleep downstairs.
My brother-in-law and sister-in-law and adorable niece are asleep down the hall.
Rosie the Ferret was asleep, but now she's crunching her food behind me and it sounds like she keeps playing in the food bowl.
I sit here on the couch in my cozy fleece Christmas robe and fleece Christmas lounge-y pants, awash in the glow of Christmas tree lights and covered by my favorite fluffy faux-fur blanket.

I keep thinking back to a conversation I had with a friend the other day.
About dreams, about expectations, about knowing that something is coming, but not knowing how it's going to happen.
Or, worse yet, knowing it's coming and assuming we know how it's going to get here.

God places dreams in our hearts because He is calling us to something.
He knows what we are capable of, what He created us for.
He gives us glimpses of the future in our mind's eye, but very rarely does He show us how we will get there.
That's the part we're supposed to walk out... in faith... expectantly...
void of assumption.

It's the assumption part that can really mess with us.
Because we see ourselves at the start, we think we see the finish of the dream in our heart that we so desperately yearn for, and then we assume we know how the race should be run.
Many times we assume because we look at how other people are running their race,
and we think, "Oh! That's how it's done! Just how they're doing it!"

The thing is, we were created to run our own race, walk out our own calling.
And the people around us were created to run their own race and walk out their own calling.
Even if the callings are similar and the dreams seem to run parallel, it's our own folly to assume we're going to reach them the same way
...or to watch someone's life from afar and, not knowing what their true life is like or what they've gone through to reach their dream, think that we'll slide into it easy-peasey like they seem to have done.

We can know something is coming, we can yearn for the dream, and yet miss it altogether if we assume.

It's Christmas.
I love this season.
Yet, I think of an unassuming stable in Bethlehem that seems so obvious to us now...
and how it wasn't so obvious to the Jews of that day.
I think of how they knew something was coming.
A Savior had been promised to come and rescue, come and save, come and redeem, come and reign.
The dream of His arrival was in every Jews' heart, yearning for the day when God would send His Son to overthrow the world's kingdom and establish His throne forever.
But they missed it.
He came, and they missed it... because they assumed.
He walked the earth in front of their very eyes, and they couldn't see it.
He conquered death right in the middle of their everyday life, and they were unable to recognize it for what it was... because they assumed.
They assumed it would happen a certain way. They knew the signs. They knew the calling.
They knew what would happen.
Yet they missed it because it didn't happen how they assumed it would.

The fulfillment of great dreams nearly always comes from very humble beginnings.
Because God can and will use anything.
In the dirtiest and most overlooked of places He will give rise to hope.
From the most common and ordinary of people He will raise heroes.
From the most impossible of circumstances He will bring victory.
And even in the midst of great criticism and attack, He will accomplish His plan.

What are we missing because of our assumptions?
Are we enduring unnecessary pain and frustration because our dream isn't happening the way we assumed it would?
Are we upset or annoyed with God... with life... because our calling isn't being used in the way we assumed it would be?
Our assumptions can grow large,
and they can ultimately blind us to the fulfillment of our dream... of our calling.

Did you catch that?
Our assumptions of how our dream should happen can blind us to the reality that it is.
That it is happening.
That we're walking through it right now.
Because we think it should like ________.
That it should bring us ________.
That it should feel like _________.
That those around us should say ________.

But the reality is that we see through a glass, darkly.
Only God knows how we will reach the dream He so lovingly placed in our hearts.
Only He knows the path that we'll follow in walking out what He's called us to.
But, it will happen. Because He said it will. Because He's placed it in us. Because He's called us to it.

"And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the Lord." Luke 1:45

Our only job is to walk out, step by step, what He leads us to walk out.
Without assuming. 
Without getting angry because the path to our dream doesn't look like the path someone else took to a dream that seems similar.
Without getting frustrated at what is in our path, or where our path takes us.
Without being so confident in what we think will happen that we miss what is actually happening.

Because the fulfillment of very great dreams nearly always comes from very humble beginnings.

From the most menial of tasks will come the training we need to step into our future.
From the most frustrating of circumstances will come the courage to step forward and take hold of the seemingly impossible.
From the most unlikely of relationships will come the foundation of support for what we're dreaming of and called to.

Even you, sitting there reading this now, thinking your dreams have been lost and that you are called to nothing...
that, too, is an assumption.
And if you assume, then you are indeed at risk of missing it.
Just like the nation of Israel 2000 years ago.
Just like the Jews who are still waiting for the arrival of their Savior... who already came.
Or just like those who have given up waiting and think He has not/will not come... because they missed His coming and refuse to believe that they may have missed it.

What are you missing?
What have you missed?
What are you in danger of missing?

Let's put aside our assumptions and embrace the One who sees clearly the past, the future and the right now...
and walk into it.

(And everyone is still asleep, except me, but now including Rosie the Ferret who decided my fleece Christmas robe was a good place to take up residence.)

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Atheists Don't Have No Songs

Hilarious. And true?
(We're big Steve Martin fans over here. Thanks, Tom, for the heads up on this one!)

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Outfit Post

Wore this the other day.
Loved it. Super comfy and fun.
And... oh, look! Is that my new purse? Why, yes! Yes, it is!
It sure goes well with this outfit. *wink*
(If these pics look familiar, it's because similar ones were in this post and this post.)

pulling it all together...
Jacket: Great 80's find from Goodwill that I call my Thriller Jacket. Splurged. (ie $15)
Top: Sale at Gap the other week
Denim: H&M. My favs. You know this because I wear them constantly.
Boots: Eeeee!!! Finally, via Charlotte Russe! (Crazy. I'll tell the story soon on a Sassy Shoe Thursday.) I'm wearing socks with them here, so they look a bit closed-toe... but they're peep-toe. I know!!!
Scarf & Fingerless gloves (my new addiction): Forever 21
Purse: Coach. Because my hubby loves me.
Earrings: Airport gift shop. Couldn't resist after seeing a friend's sister's similar ones.
In last photo...
"Tootsie"bracelet: Gift from Mom & Dad
Aviators: Wal-mart. 

Fyi, I also wore these and these with this same outfit on this same day.
Hey, a girl has license to change her shoes whenever.

Look at how lovely she is in all of her hot pink splendor...

I have company in my fingerless glove addiction.
Like mother, like daughter.

"'Cause I gotta have faith-uh, faith-uh, faith-uh..."
Yeah, that's what I felt like singing all day in this outfit...
so I took a pic to express that.
Me and George. We gotta have faith.

"Before this river becomes an ocean..."
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Fun

One of our family's Christmas favorites.

Merry Christmas!
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Snow

You may often hear me say something is amazing or incredible or totally rocks or "I love this" or...

But I rarely, rarely ever use the word "perfect."
Because I only use it for things that, to me, truly are.
Especially in music, it is few and far between that I find a song I would describe as such.
There are good songs, and there are awesome songs.
There are great songs and there are songs that are so fun.
There are songs with incredible lyrics and songs with beyond beautiful melodies.
But, to find a song that is, well...

Winter Snow, sung by Audrey Assad with Chris Tomlin, is truly, truly, truly... perfect.
In every way.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Right Now

A week from right now I'll be heading into the last of three Christmas Eve performances, then we'll come home to a double batch of Crock Pot Lasagna, jammies and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

A week from right now all the shopping will be done, presents will *hopefully* be wrapped, packages will be mailed and I'll have children excitedly talking about how many cookies to put on Santa's plate and how full we should fill his glass with milk.

A week from now our house will be filled with more family than it usually holds, bursting with laughter and games and lots of snuggling.

A week from right now there will be no thoughts of school or what goes on there; homework or getting it done.

But, right now... in this moment... I'm sitting for a bit.

The kids are out of school.
We're ferret-sitting for Ian's class.
There is much that will come between now and a week from now.

So, I'm just going to sit for a bit.

Me and my new friend-for-the-holidays, Rosie.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Hubby Loves Me

A couple of weeks ago we were up in Loveland for Brit's state gymnastics meet.
(Yes, I know I haven't blogged on that yet. I will. It's still a bit emotional for me.
Me? Emotional. You're shocked.)
Sunday afternoon she was watching her friends compete and we were killing time 'til team awards.

We were driving through the outlets and came upon Coach.
(Remember this? Yes. Amazing. Still gives me tingles. Always will.)
Nate: "Do you want to go in?"
Me: "No.
Nate: "Why don't you just go in for a bit?"
Me: "No. It's not like we're going to buy anything."
Nate: "Mmmm... okay." He starts to slowly pull out of the parking lot, but is waiting for what he knows I'm about to say.
Me: "Wait! Okay, we can go in and just look for a minute." He was right. He knows me so well.

The boys opt to stay in the car.
Nate and I walk in the store.
Oh, the colors. The newness. The smell of quality leather. The HUGE clearance section.
"Welcome to Coach! Here's a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase today."
Me: "Off anything? Even sale stuff?"
Saleswoman: "Yep! Take 30% off of anything you purchase today, but this is the end of the promotion. The coupon won't be good after tonight."
My eyes get wide.
I look around at all the colorful pretties.
We walk a few steps into the store and pause.

Nate: "Well, go ahead and pick out your Christmas present!"
I know!!! I have the. best. husband. ever.
And after going through the last experience, I didn't argue.  =^)

I'd say it was hard to choose, because I take a long time to make decisions like these. But, I wound up going with the one that I fell in love with on my first trip 'round the store... that I knew would be mine from the start.
(There was a gorgeous black one with deep purple lining that was also calling my name, but this one won out.)

Because, really, if you can carry hot pink on your arm... why not?

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loving Lately...

I've always loved gloves. They're like blankets for my hands.
But, trying to actually operate daily life in them is hard, so I wind up taking them off and not putting them back on... then my hands stay cold.
Enter fingerless gloves.
I can do everything I would normally do (drive, dial the phone, text, test Ian's blood sugar), but WITH the hand blankets still ON.
Why were these not in my life already?
I'm sold.
(Yes, the pic would be much cuter with my nails painted hot pink. But, blast it, I just haven't had the chance. Like I always say, I'm a real woman living a real life, people.)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Jesus Bites

Last Friday we were invited to a Christmas party and needed to bring an appetizer or desert to share.
Hmmmm... what to bring?
What to bring?

My husband is brilliant and devised possibly the most wonderful (and tacky?) Christmas party dish ever.
Introducing BJB's....
otherwise known as Baby Jesus Bites.
(Those of you who follow me on twitter may remember BJB's inspiration, the mummy hotdogs from my youngest son's Halloween classroom party.)

Since the BJB's were so popular and are obviously a brilliant addition to any Christmas party where tacky attire is encouraged, I thought I'd share the process with you.

*Little Smokies (Which I normally abhor.)
*Crescent roll dough (The stuff that comes in those tubes and is always way tastier than if you actually made the rolls yourself.)

Step 1: Roll out the pre-cut triangle shapes and cut them into smaller triangles, reminiscent of a "swaddling cloth" or blankie. (Hee-hee.)

Step 2: Lay the Little Smoky on the triangle.

Step 3: Wrap the cute Little Smoky in it's bundle of dough...

...and then pull up the bottom so it looks like a swaddled baby... or diapered baby. Either one.

Oh, isn't he cute?

Step 4: Bake them in your incubator oven at whatever the roll packaging says.
Here they are just coming out of the oven... (pun so intended)

Step 5: Using a toothpick or whatever small pointy object you have handy, apply mustard eyes to slightly cooled Baby Jesus Bites so they can see.
(If you try to squirt it straight out of the bottle, it can get pretty messy and not precise.)

Step 6: Talk in a very high pitched voice and make them look like they're having a conversation.
You will laugh.
Trust me.

Step 7: Eat a few before the party... just to make sure they taste good.

The nursery:

And because you don't need to ask me twice to wear a tacky sweater to a party:
(Sorry for blurry pic.)

You can't quite see it here, but... yes... there are lights on our sweaters.
(Fyi, Nate won the tackiest sweater competition. I was so proud.)

Baby Jesus Bites can also masquerade as regular, non-holy babies for any baby shower.
(But, since we were attending a Christmas party, their true identity was revealed.)

We were also thinking you could use hash-browns for straw and phyllo cups for a manger and create a little scene.
You could even make Joseph and Mary hotdogs!
The possibilities are truly endless.

For those of you who may be thinking of us at this moment as sacrilegious and losing our salvation,
please know that Jesus has a pretty darn good sense of humor.
I'm pretty sure He's laughing with us... and when He comes back and we're hanging out for a thousand years in the new heaven and new earth I bet He may even say, "Hey, Angela! Why don't you whip up a batch of those delicious BJB's!"

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Productions Gone Wrong

Hilarious and awful at the same time.
(via Jon Acuff)
Supposedly, no one was hurt and the camel was fine... although pretty traumatized, I'm sure.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Future of Church Music?

Nothing will ever replace bands with real instruments... I think.
But, this is definitely a direction we're all headed!
How cool.
(And done very well, I might add.)
What a great unofficial ad for the iPad. Does Apple know about this?

Merry Christmas!

North Point's iBand from North Point Web on Vimeo.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Found!

Some of my readers may remember that I've been on the hunt for black leather (But not suede, because I don't want the snow to have a chance at ruining them.) closed-toe, closed-back heels that don't look granny-ish or hooker-ish for, like,
(Or a little over a year. You know. Same thing.)
I thought I had found them, and then discovered I was wrong.

I had nearly given up hope, because they're all too short or too high or have some weird detailing or fit funny or aren't leather or... or... or...
 Then last week I made a bee-line for wandered into a Goodwill I rarely frequent. It's the one closest to our house, but it always seems picked over and tends to be overpriced.
(1990's Steve Maddens for $15. Ummm... no.)
But I needed a red sweater (different story) and didn't have much time, so in I went.

And, as every wise deal-shopper knows, I went straight to the shoe rack first.
(No, there aren't sweaters there. But it's a given you hit the shoes first, no matter what you're actually looking for.)

And there they were.
I almost couldn't believe it!
Black. 7 1/2. Leather. Not granny, but not hooker-height, either.
Closed-toe. Closed-heel.
Classic silhouette.
The brand was Wild Pair (nothing stellar), but, hey! They're leather!
And the soles showed barely any wear at all, so they seem practically new new...
as opposed to just new to me.

...and they were 30% off.

So, for $4.19 I brought home the classic black heel that I have. not. been. able. to. find. ANYwhere...
...until now, thanks to Goodwill.

(They have a bit more style than shows through in this pic.
But my foot is all bandaged, and I honestly don't feel like putting them on to show you that right now.
They'll come up in a Random Outfit Post soon enough.)

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A few posts that have caught my attention lately and I think they may catch yours, too... depending on your fancy:

Michael Hyatt on A Tale of Two Leaders.
I'm always conscious of styles of leadership, taking note of what works and why... and what doesn't and why. This is a great peak into why we are drawn to some and how they're able to leave lasting legacies in our lives. And also why many are just a flash in the pan, seemingly important in the moment, but never leaving anything substantial in anyone's life.

Chatting at the Sky reminds us that our yes's and no's do affect each other... are we aware of the implications?

Love Maegan shows us that clear glass ornaments can provide an endless array of decorating options.

Ave Styles always has a great does of fashion inspiration that gets my brain working and my mouth drooling.

Andrea at A Dash of Parsley shows us how to acquire free and unique wall art! Awesome, awesome!

The Nester provides us with some great eye candy in her wreath post. Oh, yummy, yummy. So many ideas, so little time!

Glenn Packiam brilliantly (as always) explains that "We read [the Bible] to discover our history, the story of God at work in and through His people, and to find that same God continuing His story in us." Why we need to look beyond the Bible as "just a book of stories" and remember that it is about real people, with a real culture, with a real history... and that our story adds to it.

And because all posts are better with pictures, here is me laying on the couch blog-hopping: 

And here is the reason I'm laying on the couch blog-hopping:

Just a little procedure I had done this afternoon. I'm fine. My stupid painful veins are not fine. 
They're laying in a trash can somewhere at the vascular clinic. But, I'm a bit immobile and a tad uncomfortable.
Maybe more than a tad in this moment, but it will improve.
And I hear it's going to be worth it.
(Yes, I realize two of my toes are without nail polish. Should have gotten to that before I couldn't reach them. Oh, well. I'm a real woman living a real life... often with chipped-off toenail polish.)
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It's a Tuesday evening. The whole family is home.
In fact, we've had absolutely nothing scheduled tonight.
No sports practices or games or meets.
No music anything.
No work stuff.


A spaghetti dinner has been had.
Together. In the dining room.
Now the new Karate Kid will be watched.
Yes, even on a school night.

I love my family.
They are such fun.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mary Did You Know?

I keep listening to this over and over.
Such an amazing song, such a great a cappella arrangement and such a beautiful reminder as we embrace the Christmas season.
(My incredible friend Matt Lusk is singing lead.)
Please take a minute and listen...
you'll be glad you did.

Merry Christmas.

P.S. Matt, if you ever read this, which you probably never will, you and Nate can organize that Hawaii trip for the four of us anytime.  =^)
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Random Outfit Post

Remember this the other day?
Well, here's how I wore it on Sunday:

Love, love, LOVED this outfit! Because it was so incredibly comfy and me and... and I was wearing 
freaking Burberry and Valentino! I KNOW!!!!!!!
(Has anyone else noticed that I've been saying the word "freaking" a lot lately?)
This jacket is one of my new favorite Goodwill finds. (If you follow me on twitter, you already know this.) I nearly hyperventilated when I found it last week... for something ridiculous like three dollars.
And the amazing early 90's cut with the tailored waist and the strong shoulders?
*Can't breathe. No air.*
I wasn't going to wear either of them Sunday, but as I was getting ready I noticed both the patterns and thought, "Hmmm..."
And I was right.
I've been rolling the bottom of these pants lately, for some reason. They have drawstring, as you can see in this other Random Outfit Post, but I've just been in more of a "rolled hem" type mood, I guess.

And, let me just say, I do love me some high-end fashion labels... but it may not be why you think.
(Okay, it IS fun to find them for cheap.)
The thing is, they are made so incredibly well! Honestly, shopping thrift stores has nearly ruined me for anything else. I'm so sold on quality now.
The seams. The lining. The great feel of the fabrics. The excellent cuts.
There really is an enormous difference. 
But whereas I wouldn't pay $700 for this jacket... I'll pay $3! 

See why I said I love the raw shoulders on this shirt after I did surgery on it?
And it's wide... and square... but with a wee bit of tucking in the front it's loverly.

Trying to get a good shot of the necklace.
Bright sun. Lots of squinting.

Here we go... except that it's even purplier. (Read: more purple.)
See? See the raw edge? That's right. I'm not trimming it.
I adore it just so.

pulling it all together...
Jacket: Valentino, via Goodwill. (Which is why I die.)
Tee: Burberry (via my favorite thrift store), which I cut up. (I know. Sacrilegious in some circles, but it works in Angela Land.)
Pants: Express, via my favorite thrift store.
Shoes: Steve Madden, found in a great way.
Necklace: Gifted from my Mom-in-Law
Big ol' gold hoops: Forever 21
Leather Brave & Grace Bracelets: GodChicks & Epcot
Chunky gold bangle: Thrifted from my favorite thrift store.
Gold rhinestone bracelet: Nate's Grammie (I love that I have this. Makes me a little emotional.)
Small gold ring: Grams

Here I am, looking wistfully off into the distance wondering what other high fashion items I'm going to score at thrift stores in the future. Either that or I'm looking at the school behind our house wondering if I see hooligan kids climbing on the roof again. 
It's one or the other.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Skillet Lights

There's so many synched Christmas light videos out there now and so many cool things going on with exterior holiday decor,
but I think these two may take the cake with my kids... and me. *wink*

Kudos to for stepping out of the box music wise!
Love it.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Burberry Before & After (also titled: Making it Work)

Last June I found on the clearance rack at my favorite thrift store an authentic Burberry tee.
Oh, the combed cotton was so incredibly soft! And the traditional Burberry plaid? 
I die.
And... it was only one dollar. I KNOW!!!

The issue was that it was a men's shirt... size XL... and the neck was so high I thought it was going to choke me!
But I couldn't leave it there.
I decided to bring it home and figure out how to make it work... because I knew it would come to me eventually.

It sat in my closet until late October until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to take action.
What to do... what to do...

I took this pic shortly before performing surgery on this beloved shirt.
(Yes, the mirror is dirty. I'm not apologizing. Wait for it... wait for it... "Because it's too late to apologize..." Yes. Taylor Swift *at about 3:25* and I can work that lyric into most anything.)

I didn't want to mess with the lines of the plaid by cutting down into them.
I also didn't want to remove the label... because it's freaking Burberry, people!
So I cut the sleeves off at the seams, and then cut the trim off the neck above the back seam. Then I angled the cut down at the shoulders, following the lines of the plaid and creating a v-neck.

And, nope! I didn't sew a darn thing!
I actually really like the raw edge that was resulted, so I'm leaving it like that.
(Some of you are like, "What? You're just leaving a raw edge?" You can hardly stand it.)

But, this shirt is seriously one of the. most. comfortable. fabrics. I've. ever. worn. ever.
I don't know why it's former owner didn't want it anymore, but I'm sure glad they left it at the thrift store for me!
It was originally marked $10. It must have been there for a while to be marked down to $1.

So, what is there that you've loved but passed on because you didn't know how to wear it? It was too big or too short or too boxy or had a hole?
Think outside of the box and just make it work.
Raw edges and all. *wink*

I'll do a post in the next couple of days on how I wore this (and loved it) recently.
(I can also hardly wait to wear it this spring with khaki shorts and tall boots. Amie Streater has a cool fedora I may have to steal to complete the outfit. *evil laugh*)

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