Monday, November 29, 2010

A White House Tradition

Our very first Christmas I gave my dear husband a gift I knew he would like greatly.
We were newlyweds and money was tight, so I was thrilled when I found this small token of my love that showed I really understood my new husband and what he loved.
Our first married Christmas morning my hubby unwrapped, much to his great joy and delight, a University of Washington Huskies ornament.
Because he is from Washington. And he is a Huskies fan.
Little did I know that small act would start a tradition... one that is continued year after year (much to my dismay).

The Husky Ornament is the first thing that goes on the Christmas tree before it can be decorated... and the last thing that comes off the Christmas tree before it comes down.
During the off season, it is kept in its original packaging.
The tradition claims that The Husky Ornament must be hung from the highest branch facing the front of the Christmas tree, and no other ornament is allowed to hang higher.
Since the ornament came into The White House fifteen Christmases ago, this is the fourteenth Christmas that has seen this tradition.

(Gee, whatever would we do if The Husky Ornament got crushed one year amidst the boxes in the garage? That would be great! so very, very sad.)

This year I happened to capture The Hanging of The Husky Ornament and thought I would share.

I am now fully convinced our family is nuts.

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