Sunday, November 21, 2010


It's not that it was some big deal, it just made me stop and think.
It took me to that place where I realized how fast life moves forward,
and we think the present will last forever... but suddenly today is yesterday.
It was just one of those small events that grabs you, shakes you, and wakes you up to the reality of now.

Because I came in the kitchen the other day, and found the Blues Clues bowl broken.
Someone had dropped it on the floor, nothing dramatic. No tears. No one was in trouble.
But, it affected this mother's heart in a different way.
It wasn't just a broken bowl, it was the reality that we no longer have toddlers in this family.
That we don't need to replace it with another plastic bowl with tv show characters on it...
and that Blues Clues has long since passed in this household.
Memories of all the years pouring milk and cereal... mac-n-cheese... spaghetti... dry cheerios.
Everyone's pretty self-sufficient now, which seemed to happen without me fully noticing.

There's a part of me that will miss the Blues Clues bowl.
It was from back in the Steve days. 
(Only some of you will get that.)
And just like he moved on, so do children.
They become bigger children, and then pre-teens, and then teenagers.
To them it was just another broken bowl... me it was the end of a season in my life.

(But the Veggie Tales plates/cups/bowl are still going strong.)

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