Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Counts

I realize that yesterday I slid my blog post in just under the wire.
And today is even more so.
But, barely on time is still on time. *wink*

The thing is, I love people. 
And today my day was full of that.
Incredible small group this morning.
(Love you girls!!!)
An hour with my hubby between when he woke up from sleeping off last night's shift and headed out the door to coach wrestling.
Met an amazing friend at Starbucks.
(Buy one holiday drink get one free from 2-5pm through Saturday!)
Ran something by another super-cool friend's place.
(Because it was her birthday, and these things need to be celebrated.)
Picked up Brit and ran down to her physical therapy appointment.
Raced back to try to catch Taylor's wrestling match.
(Barely missed it.)
Raced home to have five minutes with Nate before he left for work.
Busted it to choir.
Hung with my choir peeps 'til late, and then remembered I had a pie to make for Brit's Thanksgiving Pie Tasting thing tomorrow at school.
I'm typing this out as it's in the oven.

I so love my life.
Some days are faster paced than others.
(Like today.)
And I feel so blessed that I get to do what I love, which is to spend my days with people.
Because I love people,
which means sometimes my blog posts will slide in just under the wire...
which is still on time...

And because posts are better with pics, here's one to let you know that there may be a rule in our house about not decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving... but no one ever said that rule applied to your own person!
Christmas attire: appropriate all year long.

(I'm really tired right now. Like, really REALLY tired. And happy.)

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