Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was sitting at our kitchen table the other day
(which is almost always cluttered),
and realized what was on it was an uncannily accurate snapshot of my everyday life.

Starting from the left
*The edge of my cell phone, which I almost always have on me because of Ian's diabetes.
*Coffee cup
*My Message and NAS bibles
*TWO to-do lists
*Ian's insulin
*The home phone, because for some reason everyone likes to call me when I'm sitting trying to have my quiet time.
*A birthday card from a friend that I use as a bookmark.
*Nail polish, filer and emery board for one of my life's more recent great accomplishments (that I haven't blogged on yet).
*My notebook in the background where I've been writing important life-things I want to remember.
*Bob Sorge's Secrets of the Secret Place atop that.
*Power of a Praying Wife atop that.
*Recent message notes that I was going through atop that..
*Random school papers and works of art the kiddos have brought home.
*Most recent In Style.
*Brit's fall gymnastics schedule.
*Various pens and markers used on school projects and such.

I used to get so frustrated with the clutter. And, don't get me wrong, I still do sometimes.
But, it's also who I am.
Everything is out there for me to see... and everyone else... everyday.
Because if I put it away, I'll often forget.

I try to get to my to-do lists, but they often get lost or shuffled under something else.
So I wind up making a second one, only to find the first one again.

I leave the books I want to be reading out so I won't forget to read them.
That doesn't mean I get to them on a consistent basis, but it does mean they're there to remind me.

All the papers are never quite gone through and ordered, and there is always another child's project or picture that someone is working on.

The insulin is always somewhere close.
So is the phone.
Just in case.

And as often as I can, I sit in the morning, look out at the mountains, and have my quiet time...
so those things rarely get put away.

And in the midst of the clutter, life happens.
And it's good.

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