Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Lovely Gold...ish

I found these last fall at... where else? Goodwill.
I had been thinking I really needed to get more cute flats into my closet, when these just jumped off the rack at me!
(I think they were two bucks or something.)
I love, love, LOVED them...
and I still do.
But, they're beginning to really show signs of wear.

They're nearly the quintessential perfect flat, because they go with nearly everything.
They look great popping out under a pair of trouser jeans.

Lately I've been pairing them with army green cargos. (Because it's unexpected.)
Well,  lately I've been pairing them with nearly everything, really.
They just give a pop and extra glimmer to most outfits.
Plus, they're gold-ish, so they really pair well with both gold and sliver.
And, they have that neat snakeskin texture to them, which just adds loads of visual interest.
AND, they're super comfy because the material gives a bit.
AND, AND they're kind of pointy, but kind of curved at the same time.
See what I mean?
They transcend trend.
(Ooooo, that was good alliteration. "Transcend trend." Come on. You feel it, too.)

Which is why I'm sad that they're dying.
(Wearing them in last winter's snow may have not been the optimal choice.)

The brand is J. Renee, and I've loved these so much that I'm always on the lookout for more from that name.
(Sometimes they're a bit old-lady-ish... but I can make that work, too. *wink*)

So, I'll wear them even with the cracks... just maybe not in the snow.
And I'll hope that they hold up 'til I find a similar pair on the Goodwill racks.
And I will be thankful that they taught me what the elements of the perfect flat are.

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