Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Outfit Post

I think I wore this last week sometime.
It was a bit chilly, and I wanted to be warm.
I was also feeling a tad Ralph Lauren-ish, but didn't want to take it over the top.

(Gee. I'm all wistful looking at the mountains and such.)

Notice how the hat and sweater are two different tones of brown?
So many people wouldn't do that, but don't be afraid to mix, as long as the shades aren't offensive to each other!
I think it just adds more visual texture.

I thrifted this sweater a month or so ago.
The bottom was kind of stretched out, but I knew layered over something fitted it would still work.
And it was so stinking SOFT that I just couldn't LEAVE it. 
(Especially since it was also only $2.)

I kept it super-simple with the accessories.
It was such a page-boy kind of look that it would've been too much if I added more.
There are so many ways, though, that this could change up.
If I had needed a jacket, my denim one would have fit the look.
A long necklace would be fun layered under the cowl-neck.
And in the spring I'll love to wear this with some shorts and heels.

pulling it all together...
Sleeveless Cowl-neck: Goodwill (no tag) (Maybe relates to this post?)
Navy layering tee: Goodwill, Banana Republic (This is fun. It was scalloped sleeves and lace on the neck, that you can't see.)
Denim: Goodwill, Gap Trouser Jeans (These. Are. Awesome.)
Hat: Charlotte Russe, forever ago
Shoes: Thrifted
Pearls: Nate's Grandmother's. (I wore them in my wedding.)
Hair: Loosened up from two-days-before big curls. (Yes, I go a few days without washing it. The hat helps me do that, which equals healthier hair.)

Bottom line? I love this look.
Some people may not, but to me it says cozy, in a pulled together kind of way.
(Ralph Lauren would think so, too.)

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