Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Outfit Post

I wore this Sunday and LOVED it!
It was one of those last minute creativity outfits.
I was originally going for kind of an updated 70's vibe, but as I looked at these pics I realized it was a bit more 1940's.
(70's was tighter and frizzier. 40's was looser, softer, more voluminous curls.)

Well, I did it again Saturday night.
I was going for the same fro-type look, but my hair was still slightly damp when I took the rollers out around 7am Sunday morning, so the curls were looser than last time.
So fun for a change, though!
I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to just try something different from time to time.

pulling it all together...
Animal print silk blouse: Thrifted for a quarter (I bragged about it here.)
Vest: Thrifted. (It says Mary Kay Uniforms on the tag! Love!)
Almost hidden purple tank: Tag says active. Truly the perfect tank top.
Trouser Jeans: Goodwill, tag says Shio
Shoes: Steve Madden, birthday gift from hubby years ago. Still a fav.
Rhinestone earrings: Found at vintage shop in Coburg, Oregon, with Mom last summer
Silver Chunky Cuff: Grams.

Notice the nail polish?
That's a whole other blog post that I'll hopefully do soon.
I'm VERY proud of it... for reasons only those who have known me for a very long time will be able to think of before I post on it.

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