Monday, November 22, 2010

Florida & Friend(s) & Blessing

A couple of weeks ago I flew to Florida to speak at a women's event...
which just so happened to be at my very wonderful friend's church. *wink*

So, we got to play!!!

Thursday we went to a super fun restaurant and got to eat right on the water!
The food was yummy... and the seagulls thought so, too.

Christian and I were afraid.

Okay, fine. Maybe we were just silly.

But there was lots of laughing, and crazy Tammy decided to see if a seagull would take a fry out of her hand.

Tammy passing on her soda addiction to her boys.
(I kid! I kid!)

Friday morning after having breakfast with an awesome new friend, we went and walked the Navarre Pier. So beautiful it was!

Look! You can see the fish in the water!!!

After I took that video we walked down to the end, looked over the edge and saw so many jellyfish dotting the surface of the water!
Then we saw some dark shapes carousing just under the surface and realized they were stingrays!
They almost came to the very top, but stayed just beneath.
THEN... then, then, THEN someone must have thrown a fish back into the water because there was this big commotion below.
There were lots of brown fish with black spots that looked like baby Tiger Sharks, but I think they were sucker fish.
THEN we saw it. A much larger shape came up and started thrashing around in the middle of them and we realized it was a shark!!! Gray on the top, white on the bottom. The rounded large head and the pointy fins. SO cool!
Then when the stinky fisherman heard us talking about it they said, "No, there wasn't a shark. Those are just sucker fish. Sharks do come by here, and if you stay long enough you'll see one. But that wasn't a shark."
Well, phooey on them. They didn't see what we saw and it was too a shark.

Friday evening was Soup for the Soul (Southern Style).
photo by: the incredible Jamie Anderson

I ate wonderful soup.
I met wonderful new friends.
photo by: the amazing Jamie Anderson

And I had the incredible honor of sharing my heart with these women!
(Hey! Look! I'm talking with my hands! What a surprise.)
photo by: the awesome Jamie Anderson

It was wonderful, wonderful.
And it always amazes me how I go somewhere to pour out... and I'm the one who gets poured into.
God is so cool like that.

Saturday both the boys had soccer games.
Caden sat on my lap while we cheered for Christian.
Well, some of the time. The rest of the time he was running around with a cape around his neck

Silly faces are required.

That afternoon some of Tammy's incredible friends took the boys so we could go to the beach by ourselves.
And if you know Tammy and she's ever told you about her beach...
here it is:

I had to take some video, because it was so amazing!
(Beware, it may make you dizzy.)
But, can you see all the shells? Washing up in the waves? It was just unbelievable!
This was the same beach where God helped me find all those amazing shells before, when we were visiting Nate and he had to leave to drive back to Tampa.

My loot:

One of my favorites:

And then suddenly it was Sunday evening and I had to get on the airplane and come home.
We were sad about having to part, me and my amazing friend.

But so happy to know that God's plan is for us to live this life together... changing the world together... even if it's from different parts of the country.

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