Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday: Visual Texture

I think too many people are afraid of texture.
We all say we love it, but we're unsure of how to use it, how to mix it.
Stacy & Clinton talk about it, and fashion mags seem to mention it a lot.
But what does it mean and what in the heck are we supposed to do with it?

I am a HUGE fan of texture when it comes to fashion and interior decorating. BUT... but, but, BUT I'm not just talking texture that you can feel with your fingertips.
Because that's what we think of, right? A soft cotton mixed with denim mixed with a nubby tweed?
I'm also talking about visual texture. Fabrics and designs that play with your eyes and kick the Outfit Interest Factor up a few notches.

For example:

I wore this the other day.
Now, if it was just a plain tee with a knit cardi, the outfit still would have been a fine one.
But, the huge face on the tee really mixes things up, and adding a lace cardi and a bright scarf is what brings in the visual texture!
Do you see?

There's a depth to it that wouldn't exist otherwise.
You totally know what I'm talking about, you just may have never thought of it like this before.
It's what can separate an okay outfit from a wow-I-actually-really-like-that-outfit.
(It's also the trick rock stars use on stage. Think Steven Tyler's leather pants, patterned shirt and the scarves on the mic stand.)

Here's another detail I love about this: the back is cool, too.
Because my hair is shorter (which we'll discuss in a minute) you can really see the design of the shirt through the lace and it simply adds something extra.
(Stacy & Clinton always say that it's every bit as important to check the back of your outfit as well as the front. We forget this... which is how we wind up walking out the door with our slips showing and a dryer sheet clinging to the back of our shirt.)

But, remember when you're going for visual texture, you don't want to mix too many different shades. The made tones here are a bit understated: gray jeans, a gray tee, and a taupe cardi.
Those are pretty darn neutral and boring on their own, but they tie together and give a foundation so the visual texture isn't too overwhelming.
The graphic print. The lace.
It wouldn't work if I was wearing all brights. Instead, the scarf is the pop of color, along with the girl's red hair on the tee.

pulling it all together...
Tee: Acquired by my friend at Goodwill (when I was with her). Coveted for over a year. Given to me last week. (Eeeee!!! Thanks, Tammy!)
Lace cardi: JUST got this at Target on super-sale. Love, love, LOVE!!!
Denim: H&M... the ones I wear constantly.
Scarf: From an awesome friend's (Hi, Trevor!) time in Italy. (Pink AND silk. I die.)
Boots: Thrifted
Shades: Wal-mart aviators. Five bucks. Can't go wrong.
Earrings you can't see: Huge rhinestone drops from a boutique in Oregon.
Hair pin: Sak Saum
White gold ring: Grams' diamonds, my design.
Pink Lipstick: Stiletto from Victoria's Secret. That makes me giggle.

Now, for the hair...
I did the whole rollers thing again. Because I wanted to. And because I could.
It's so much fun to mix things up from time to time!
But, the thing with the curly hair is that it just adds another texture!
Now, if I was going for a minimalist look, I could have used this same theory and made everything similar textures in monochromatic shades and sleeked my hair straight.
See how your hair can be an accessory?
(Actually, it always is, whether you think of it that way or not. Which is why it's so important to keep that updated and in a style you like. It makes a difference in the way you feel, whether you'll admit it or not.)
I wanted the whole curly thing, but in more of a bob. So where some of my longest layers hung down in the back, I just rolled them up and pinned them under the mass of curls, making it look like a shoulder-length 'do. So fun!!! Some strands hung down, and that just added a bit of a messy feel I was fine with.

A funny thing with the hair. So many women have said, "Oh, I love it! But, I could never do that."
Well, why in the heck not?
You've told me because your hair wouldn't take it. (Not likely.)
Or because you're just not adventurous like that. (But you want to be, so start!)
Or because it wouldn't work with your personality or your day. (Why not?)
I'm just hearing so many I-would-love-to-but's.
Girls!!! We only have one life! Why not step out and try what you've been wanting to try???
Cut those bangs.
Dye your hair.
Get the really funky layers.
Go curly for a day.
If you don't like it, well, it will grow out... or wash out... and you can wear hats and hairbands in the meantime.
But, wouldn't you rather take the risk than wonder your whole life what something would have looked like? 
If you would have loved it?

If you like this, go to Sally's, buy some small foam rollers (With the satin wrap. Trust me.), shower tonight, put a curl enhancer cream in your locks, wrap them tightly around the rollers (Use all the rollers!), make sure it's dry in the morning and if not give it a few blasts with the dryer, let it cool, take them out, fluff as desired with your finger tips.
If the front part poufs up and bothers you, then just pin it to the side like I did here.
Curly hair tutorial here.
Bobbed hair tutorial here.

We're all so afraid of stepping out and trying new things.
Because someone will say I can't or I shouldn't be or it's not me or...
But once you step out, you'll love the feeling of freedom that comes from it.
And you'll do it again.
And again.
And again.
And then it won't be so much stepping out anymore as it is normal life for you.
And then you'll hear someone saying, "Gee, I love that, but I could never..."

And that's when you turn to them and say, "Well, why not? Come on, sister, let's try it!"
And that's how the world changes.

Okay, that was a rabbit trail from outfits with visual texture, but I think it was a needed one.
"I have come that you might have life, and life to the full."
John 10:10
Don't box God in. And don't box yourself in when you're walking with Him.
It's about freedom and confidence in who He's created you to be and what He put in your heart to love.

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