Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday: The Turtleneck

Seeing as how we're headed into cooler weather, I wanted to take a moment to address a wardrobe staple that is beginning to make it's way out of our closets.

The Turtleneck

If you live in a warmer climate you may be thinking, "What? Why would I ever put one of those on my body?"
But if you live somewhere like... say... Colorado... or Alaska... or Chicago (Shout out, Sis-in-Law! Love you!), you know it's nearly inevitable.

So, just some things to keep in mind when you're reaching for yours.

*Keep it updated. Add some fun, but not too over-the-top accessories.
With a solid color top, some big hoop earrings look so sharp.

Or go funkier with long feathers. (So now.)
Or big colored hoops. (Often found at Claire's for 99 cents.)

*Do your hair. If you don't, you risk bringing out the frump factor. 
Honestly, these days you can pull off just about any style endeavor, nearly any trend from any decade...
as long as you have updated hair and makeup!!!

*Themes and prints are very risky and if you aren't sure, go with a solid.
Now, there is the occasional exception to this. (Remember discussing the holiday guidelines?) But in general, a print on something that is fitted to your body all the way from your chin to your waist isn't going to be flattering.
If you do don a printed turtleneck, accessories need to be kept to a minimum, otherwise it's just too, too much. And keep the bottom half of your outfit to a solid neutral.
Also, be aware that small prints make "large body frames" appear even "larger."
Go with something that is proportionate to height and "width."
(Does that sound diplomatic enough?)

*If you are chin-conscious, a turtleneck will exaggerate it.
There are women who are aware of some extra skin on their necks and chins. It just seems to appear from time to time. So, they will put on a tight turtleneck thinking this disguises it.
A tight turtleneck makes these extra "layers" even more apparent because it pushes up against the skin, squishing it at times together and out, depending on the way you move.
Now, if you have folds down by your collarbone, this style is fine. But that double chin thing you complain of sometimes and think you're covering up?
You're only exaggerating it.
If this is the case, you should instead go with a cowl neck:

That second one is still fitted through the body (good for layering), but the neck is loose so it won't "push" any "unwanted" skin to the forefront of your outfit, so to speak.

*Best Bet: Layer it under something else.
If you're just plain not sure how to wear a turtleneck, but you really want to, layers are your safest option.
But, when you layer, be sure you're not piling bulky on top of bulky. Keep things more streamlined with thiner knits. (And, refer to the rule on cheesy prints.)
(*ahem* Please.)

Not this: 

Not this, either:

And, not this (even though you're tempted to think it's okay):

I'm not even doing image via, because I don't want anyone going to the site.

But something more like this:

Notice in those last examples the turtlenecks are more subtle, blending with the colors of the outfit.
(Not like the green one layered under the denim jumper up top.)

Now, don't be scared. These images are from the Fall 2010 runway collections.
You don't have to do exactly this, they're just examples.
But, do you notice the trend for this fall/winter fashion season?
Do you see it?
Season-less dressing.
All four of these last looks could translate to spring/summer if you take away the turtleneck and tights/thigh-highs!
This is great news for us frugal fashionistas who want to stretch our dollar and our wardrobe.
Simply invest in some great layering pieces.

**Extra Style Tip: You can ALSO create the look of a turtleneck by layering a thicker/chunkier scarf or an infinity scarf (also known as a tube scarf) over a high-necked shirt.**

image via

Some looks I'm currently loving:

image via

image via

image via

So, break out the turtlnecks!
Just remember to follow these guidelines so you can dress your best and be confident in the process.

And, please don't do this:

I don't watch Jersey Shore... this is a compelling argument to keep me from ever starting.
(I'm scared.)

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