Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday: The Magic Scarf

While waiting in line at the Colorado Springs airport recently, I noticed a large sign in the gift shop for Magic Scarves.
They obviously really wanted people to buy them, so a young woman on the poster was modeling some of the various ways they suggest you could wear a Magic Scarf.
Because *in theory* it can be worn in a variety of fashions... hence the magic. *wink*

Upon closer examination of the poster a loud thought overtook my brain:
"Dear, goodness.
Please, no."

Now, before I progress, I will tell you that I own a few Magic Scarves.
Given, I haven't worn them in quite a few years, but there was a time they were all the rage.
So, please don't think I am bashing Magic Scarves for all you Magic Scarf owners.
(Although, I will say that at this particular point in fashion history, there could be better options for you to choose from.)

I actually broke rank in the waiting-to-get-through-security line just so I could go and take these pictures of the poster... while everyone else watched with looks of why-in-the-heck-would-she-give-up-her-place-in-this-long-line-to-take-a-picture-of-the-Magic-Scarf-poster.
But I just got out my camera and tried to hold it steady through my giggles and the ignoring of aforementioned looks.
(If anyone would have asked, I would have gladly advised them. But, no one did... and I try not to give unsolicited advice... except in Goodwill... when someone is hunting for shoes.)

See the nice young woman? See how she's saying, "There are so many ways to wear the Magic Scarf! It's practically endless in possibility! And that's why it's magic!"

Now hear me saying, "Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!"

Just because something can be worn a certain way does not mean that it should.
See how her hands are clasped in front of the Magic-Scarf-As-Strapless-Shirt option?
Read: If I move my hands my shirt will fall down.
And the Magic-Scarf-As-Strapless-Dress option?
Now that could be very awkward.

The thing is, Magic Scarves do not hold themselves up.
And when stretched out, THEY'RE SEE THROUGH!
They're crotched, people... there are holes!
(Tip: Which is why the Magic-Scarf-As-Skirt option also does not work.)

Hey, I'm all for Magic-Scarf-As-Shawl and Magic-Scarf-As-Cape-Type-Thingy.
(Yes, these are the official names... in Angela Land.)
In fact, the shoulder option can look down right fancy with a glittery broach securing one side.
And, you know what?
I'm even all for Magic-Scarf-As-OHMYGOSH-Scarf, because they're fuzzy and warm.

But, please, as my fashion tip to you, do not try and make it a stand-alone article of clothing.
It just. doesn't. work. people.
No matter how many airports you see that sign in.
(Because I saw it in almost every airport I went through on my trip.)

(And if you want to be really entertained, you can visit their website. Because, evidently, many things are magic... and all you have to do is add the word "magic" to the name of the item for it to, indeed, become magic! Like Magic Crush Shirts, Magic Slinky Tops, Magic Slinky Pants, Magic Shawls, and even a *gasp* Magic SNAKE... which could actually be kind of neat. But the pictures of their models that look like the heads were cut-and-pasted onto the bodies are not neat... which is the "really entertained" part... if you're really entertained by that kind of thing... and by the usage of the word "neat.")

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