Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dear American Public,

I know you're all about privacy and equality and safety from exploitation and freedom from typecasting.
And really, I am too... in most circumstances.
However, I think you have forgotten. You must have, otherwise you would not be so outraged right now.

You must have forgotten about this*.
*Warning, contains graphic and highly emotional content.
You must have forgotten that there are people, countless evil people, who have the sole desire of killing us.
Killing you.
Killing your children en masse.

On this Saturday after Thanksgiving, let's be thankful for the freedoms we have.
Freedom to board an airplane and travel cross country to spend holidays with families.
Freedom to fly to other countries for vacation or work or school.
But, let's remember that these other people have that freedom, too, which is why we must be ever-vigilant.
They will use their freedom to take away ours.

Yes, I believe that government administrations and hired safety contractors should conduct themselves in a way that is respectful of American travelers.
Yes, I think they should be courteous and helpful.
And I, too, am quite apprehensive about invasive scans that somehow wind up on the internet for the world to see.

However, the world also watched al qaeda slaughter our citizens on 9/11,
and the world is watching us now complain of the inconvenience of our safety.
The world watched us tear Oliver North to pieces in a courtroom years ago because he was trying to take out the very person that called for and commanded this attack on our nation...
and we declared it wasn't a big enough threat.

I know some of you are pregnant and a body search can be humiliating.
But there are young girls in the Middle East who claim they are pregnant so no one will search for the explosives they have shoved into their body.

We must be thankful for our freedom, but we must not forgot what will happen... what has happened... when we don't allow for processes that help maintain our freedom.
We have enemies, very real enemies, that want nothing more than for us to fall into our everything-fast, never-slow-down, never-invonvenienced mentality...
because then they'll be able to slide through, too...
right beside us, as we walk glide through airport security.

You must have forgotten why we do this, why we must go through this.
Take a moment to remember, because my freedom and the freedom of my children depends on it.

An American Citizen

I awoke this morning to find this. He lived 30 minutes North of where I grew up in small town Oregon.
We must not live in fear, but we must be vigilant.

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