Friday, November 19, 2010


I am SO excited because there is something I have been doing for over a decade that has changed my life.
Changed. My. Life.
I can hands-down honestly tell you that I would not be the confident, faith-filled woman I am today without the foundation this has been over the last ten years.
(Okay, mostly confident and usually faith-filled.
We all have our moments. *wink*)

And, guess what????
YOU can come experience it WITH ME!!!!!!
(Do you see why I'm so excited?)

Women of Faith is coming to Denver in 2011 (Like they do every year.) on September 30th and October 1st and I've signed up to bring a group!
I desperately want to get a group of my girls together to come and be a part of this thing that has impacted my life.
We'll laugh.
We'll cry.
We'll even go shopping on the 16th Street Mall Friday evening during our break.
(And I'll probably try to convince you to buy something you're not sure of, but I know it will look great on you.)

It's been quite a few years since I've led a large group to the conference,
but this year as I sat in the arena, I knew, knew, KNEW I was supposed to for 2011.
It was like God whispered in my ear, "You see what this has done for you? You have to share it. You have to show other women."

The event is all day Friday and all day Saturday,
with lunch provided both days and a fun dinner break Friday evening. (Wherein comes the shopping. Hee-hee.)
The theme for our 2011 event is Over the Top, and you know I'm passionate about living a full life that is WAY over the top!!!
The speakers are amazing, and have truly been mentors-from-a-distance for me over the last decade.
Patsy, Sheila, Luci, Marilyn, Mary.
(Like, they're my girls. I have their back, you know?)
And, this year Amy Grant is going to be there! (Remember? She's one of my "people." I die.)
The worship team is beyond what I can describe here...

...and they wear really great shoes.
Which, yes, I had to take a picture of. (You know me. This should not surprise you.)

And the cost for all of it is only $89.

I so want you to sign up to come with me!
But if you don't live 'round these here parts, you've got to attend in the city nearest you... because it will change you.
As I said, I'm a group leader this year and I only have so many tickets! So, go to my group's page, Stilettos and Grace (What did you think I'd name it?) and sign up to come with me.
The great thing is you can pay online.
AND, if paying all at once just isn't feasible, you can pay a little at a time!
(I know. Awesome, right?)

Moms with daughters, why not bring them with you?
It could even be a Christmas gift. I'm telling you, it will be so worth it.

In the words of my awesome friend Kristen, who came this year for the first time with me, "If I would have known it was like this I would have come a long time ago!"
(Here we are at the 2010 Denver conference.)

Last year I went with another awesome-awesome friend, Karen, to the 2009 Denver conference.
(My eyes are puffy from crying. You're ignoring that. *Jedi mind trick*)

And the worship team was cute and great then, too... still with their footwear that should seriously be in my closet.

And Nicole C. Mullen was there. Like, right there with her incredible dance team of teens she mentors.
(So was Steven Curtis Chapman. Wow. Can't even describe it.)

And here is my dear, dear Mary Graham. She's the President of Women of Faith and freaking ROCKS!!!
(Did you hear that, Mary? I used the words "freaking" and "rock" to describe you. Oh, yes I did.)

And the year before THAT, I crashed the 2008 Anaheim conference with some of my all-time favorite lay-days.
You can read my post on that here.
(Lalena, me, Amber, & Tammy)

Me with the marvelous Mary again.
(Because she seriously is one of the most inspiring women. Ever.)

And, look who Amber and I snagged!
(I love you, Patsy!!!)

And before that it was Anaheim 2007, where God reached down and touched me in the deepest of ways, gave me the most personal of gifts, and I got to meet for the first time two life-long friends that were already that before we met.
And before that was Anaheim 2006, where I was thrilled to have my amazing sister come with.
And then it was Denver 2005, where I took a group of 20 or so fun girls.
And then it was Denver 2004, where I convinced a few precious friends to join me. (Hi, Julie! Hi, Vonnie!)
And then it was Billings 2003, where I cried my eyes out to Babbie Mason's "Standing in the Gap" as I hugged my group of 50 or so women knowing I wouldn't be with them the next year because we were moving.
And then it was Spokane 2002, with a group of beloved girls from church.
And then it was Billings 2001, where it was my first year as a group leader.
And then it was Spokane 2000, my first Women of Faith conference, where I sobbed uncontrollably when I met Point of Grace and again in the car ride home because I was pregnant with Brit and those hormones just do the most crazy things and as such gave my friend Cindy Litzinger joke fodder for years to come.

Okay, okay.
I'll stop.
But the whole point is, you really should come with me if you at all possibly can.
God has met me time and time again at these events. I am fully convinced that He plans such sweet moments and divine appointments for me at the conference every single year.
I come anticipating something wonderful, and I leave blown away that He has once again filled me with exactly what I needed for such a time as that.
So, go to my group page and sign up as soon as you can.
Come with me.
Let your life be changed alongside mine.

And, I'd just like to publicly say a huge thank you to Caroline Livergood, who convinced me to come to that first conference back in 2000.
God knew I needed this desperately in my life as a solid foundation through so many military moves and life changes...
as my home when I felt like I had none.
I've never been the same woman, and it's because of what you started when you invited me.
Thank you.

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