Monday, November 8, 2010


(This is where I post links to some really great blogs I've read lately that I know you will love.
And if I post them, you know they're awesome. 
Because I don't advertise and I don't even have comments.
So there is no kickback, whatsoever.
Which means that they're just truly, simply great blog posts.)

Amie Streater is a dear friend who has a great sense of humor and a knack for telling you the truth of exactly how things are (without you wanting to punch her).
Her post on How To Find Money Fast is a great one for all of us to read,
especially as we approach the holidays.

Michael Hyatt is the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.
His blog has some great posts on leadership and time management.
Here's one of my favorites on The Five Levels of Delegation.

Love, Maegan is a fashion blogger I read (faithfully) out of California.
She had a great DIY post a while back on how to Refashion A Jersey Skirt.

The Nester is an amazingly creative home decor blogger.
Her latest post on a Burlap Canvas Makeover is so simple...
but could lead you to a slew of ideas!!!

Bethany is a kindred spirit (we have come to believe we were twins separated at birth).
Her blog usually has me rolling on the floor in stitches about to pee my pants.
(Not joking.)
But her family recently walked through something that she has bravely decided to share with the world.
I cannot express to you enough how much you need to read these posts.

And because all blog posts are better with pictures, here is one of Ian after he begged Nate to squirt whipped cream in his mouth, just for good measure:

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