Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday Month

It has officially come to a close.
Around our house we call the time between mid-October and mid-November Birthday Month... because three of our four kiddos' birthdays fall in that window.
Thought I'd share a bit:

Jordan turned 12 on October 21st.

He had a black velvet cake with orange frosting.
(Which is just a red velvet cake modified by black food coloring.)
The birthday legos were attacking it.

He wanted piggie steaks for dinner, and we actually got to sit down at the table as a family.
Which is evidently so rare these days I had to record it by taking a picture.
(You get to choose your birthday dinner at The White House.)

Taylor turned 14 on October 27th.
He also acquired legos, for which there is evidently no age-limit in The White House.

He chose ribs as his birthday dinner, which I didn't take a photo of, and wanted a chocolate cake (my favorite).
I think Ian and Jordan were the ones that chose the cake toppers, which is why there are princesses accompanying the Crocodile Hunter.
(They always think it's hilarious to sneak in the princesses onto each other's cakes.)

Brittney just turned 10 on November 15th (yesterday).
When she came out ready for school that morning she looked so grown up!
My heart may have stopped for a few seconds.

She wanted the princesses on her cake...
which actually wasn't cake. It was Pistachio Lusch.
(At The White House you also get to choose your "cake," even if it isn't actually a cake.)

She loved the fingerless gloves, and instantly mixed the two pairs.
Ah, the resurgence of 80's fashion.
(Dollar spot at Target right now. So fun.)

For dinner Brit wanted to go to Golden Corral (after gymnastics, so it was way late).
Some kind of challenge materialized at the table.
I video'd it:

And now Birthday Month has come to a close.
Yes, we planned it this way. We just got off track with Ian, who doesn't turn 8 until March.
(And I'm glad we're getting back to the even years age wise. It's easier to rattle off when people ask how old my kids are.)

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