Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Better than...

Amy Grant is one of my "people."

You know, those people that have influenced your life so greatly even though you've never met them or had a personal relationship with them?
The select few that you'd give nearly anything just so you could chat with them over a cup of coffee?
She's on my list.
(Which I mentioned here.)

Recently she's come back onto the music scene with one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard.
Truth. In melody.
Because life is life.

The first time I heard this I was driving in Florida last spring with Nate.
We were in his rental car and it debuted on the radio.
As we pulled through a drive-thru I just sat silently and wept, unable to speak.
(Rare, I know.)
I'm convinced her words slightly altered the shape of my heart forever.
(I'm not being dramatic. Listen and you'll know.)

So, when they announced at Women of Faith that Amy Grant will be at next year's conference, a gasp escaped my mouth. 
And I again began to cry.
Not because I'm star-struck.
Not even because of her musical gift.
But because she is a woman who has lived it... walked it... and chosen to stay standing.
Chosen to tell the story.
Chosen to be real, so the rest of us can find the courage to do the same thing.
Like I said, she's one of my "people."

Please take a few moments and listen.
The story the video tells is powerful, but the words are even more so.
Let them penetrate your heart... and maybe even slightly alter the shape of it forever.

(If you would like to come to Women of Faith this year with me and hear Amy and a few other women on my "list," I'll be posting details in the next few days of how you can do exactly that.)
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