Saturday, November 20, 2010


This morning Nate and Taylor got up way too early for a Saturday morning and headed to the Junior High City Wrestling Championships.

And, let me tell ya, I'm one. proud. mama.
Because my oldest boy wrestled his way through the bracket, and then BEAT the ONLY guy that has 
beat him all season... to win it!!!

Oh, my goodness. It was insane.
Seeing your child go all out, one-on-one, with someone else's child.
The grit. The sweat. The determination.
To the death. Okay, maybe not quite that far, but still...

So, only a few of my readers will even be interested in these, but I video'd the matches.
(Ummm... you probably want to mute the sound. I got really loud. Not meaning to. It just happens when he's wrestling. It's pretty hard to control, fyi. Which is why sometimes the camera gets shaky, too.)

Match 1:

Match 2 (where it lasted about 12 seconds):

Match 3 (where you can see an epic body slam, and the other coach trying to argue it after the match):

The Championship Match (crazy tough... and I get a little loud):

My boy on the top of the stand for the 150lb. weight class:

Taylor with one of his coaches... and what a handsome coach he is! *wink*:

Proud mama alert! Proud mama alert!

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