Friday, October 1, 2010

Support Letter

This is an email that I just sent to friends and family regarding something I'm taking part in tomorrow. If you would like to support me in this, please click the Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk button over on the right side, or simply go here. Every single contribution helps. (This may sound familiar because of this post.)

**Please know that this email contains information that may be disturbing to some people, but it is the truth of what is happening even right where we live. If this is something that is too much for you, please skip down to the words in bold, "All you need to do is this."**

Hello, wonderful, lovely friends and family!

Over the past year I have become aware of a huge tragedy that is taking place in our world, and specifically our nation. In fact, it is going on right where you live.

Most elementary schools have around a few hundred children. But, imagine if there was an elementary school that had 3,000 children. Now, think of what would happen if every single day the children in that elementary school disappeared. They just simply vanished. The next day the school filled up with 3,000 different children... and they disappeared, too. And the next day. And the day after that. The world would fly into high alert to find out where these children were going! It would be on the front page of every news source across the globe. "3,000 Children Disappearing From School Daily!" Every government would get involved to figure out what was going on and put an end to the disappearances. Yet, this is what is taking place in our world daily. Across the globe, 3,000 children are being trafficked into modern slavery every single day. Even in YOUR TOWN. Children are being taken, some stolen some sold, and forced into every kind of slavery, including sex slavery. Some of these children are forced to service up to 40 men a day, even here in the United States! They are beaten, they are raped repeatedly, they are threatened with their lives or the lives of their family if they try to escape. 

Children as young as four years old.

Modern day slavery does exist. And it's going on right here, in every single one of the 50 United States.

I am proud to have joined forces with Stop Child Trafficking Now. Their campaign to end this injustice focuses on a bold, new approach focusing on the demand side of child trafficking by targeting buyers and predators of children. Their approach comes from the view that if we can end the demand for child slavery, we can end child slavery.

This coming Saturday I am taking part in the Stop Child Trafficking Now walk with thousands of individuals across our country. Our goal is to raise funds to put an END to this horrific crime, as well as to raise awareness. So many people simply do not know this is taking place, especially right here in our country... right in our own neighborhoods.

Up to now I have not been able to raise hardly any finances for this campaign. I know budgets are tight, and the economy has affected us all. But, I'm asking if you'll join forces with me to put a stop to child slavery. This is a crime that will continue no matter what happens to our wallets. In fact, as our economy has tanked, the demand for child sex slaves has only increased. So sad and extremely appalling, but very true.

All you need to do is this: 

1.) Visit
2.) Click "Donate Now"
3.) Under the "Support A Participant" enter Angela White
4.) Click "Support Me" and make a donation.

OR you can paste this link into your browser and it should take you straight to my participant profile:

Even $5 helps.

And, regardless of whether you're able to make a financial contribution, please, PLEASE educate yourself on what is going on. Here are some great resources that will bring you face to face with the reality of modern day slavery:

Thank you for considering supporting me, and therefore showing compassion to the children that are enduring this tragedy. We can look at all the facts, we can see what is going on, and we can choose to turn away when it becomes too overwhelming. These children don't have the choice to turn away. This is the life they live every single day.

Thank you for your support, whether financially or in your thoughts and prayers,
Angela White

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