Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Vintage

Over the past couple of years I've discovered a love for vintage shoes.
(I know some of you are totally grossed out right now!)
I've had many friends swear they would never put their feet in a pair of shoes that had been worn by someone else... much less worn by someone else twenty years ago.
At least, they swore that until they went shopping with me and found a great pair and were instantly converted.
*evil laugh*

I just think shoes used to be made a lot better.
Now-a-days you have to pay a king's ransom to acquire a new pair of shoes with great details, supple leather and superb craftsmanship!

Which is why I've found vintage is the way to go.
You get all those things AND they already have a fun personality.
(Yes, shoes have personalities. If you think otherwise, you obviously haven't been reading this blog for very long.)

You do need to be careful that they don't pinch anywhere or bend your footsies in an odd way, because their shape isn't really going to change.
BUT, if they fit well, then you've found a gem.

And, you're never going to guess this, but the best place to find great vintage shoes is at thrift stores.
You're shocked.
I know.

So, not only are you finding an amazing pair of shoes...
but you're paying an amazing price!

Some things I look for in my hunt for great vintage shoes:
*Something that stands out.
*Not too granny-looking.
*Soft leather.
*Make sure there aren't any stains.
*Check the straps. A lot of times they may be broken or fraying.
*That the soles are still pretty decent. But, if they are worn and still a great shoe, ten dollars at the cobbler is worth it.
*That the insoles aren't gross. Because that's just... well... too gross.
*That the color is still hard and fast on the toes and heels. (One of the first places to go.)
*Notice the vintage brands that you love and that work well on your feet, then keep an eye out for those.

I found an amazing pair of vintage french shoes a few months ago and passed on them because I wasn't sure how I would wear them. (I also thought Nate may detest them greatly.)
I broke one of my cardinal rules!
**If it's a great, great thing with a unique personality, get it! It doesn't matter if you're not sure how to wear it, you'll figure it out later.**
I have regretted leaving them on that Goodwill rack ever since. Oh, the agony.

Here are some new (old) favorites that I found this last June at one of my favorite haunts (the Goodwill down on South Circle for all you Springs peeps):

(I know the lighting isn't that great. I took these in my bathroom/closet as I was about to get comfy for the night - ie sweatpants - and the daylight for good photos was already gone. Yes, those are flip flops in the background.)

And here's a sneak peak of how I wore them recently:
(I'll show you the rest of the outfit tomorrow for Fashion Tip Friday. Simple... easy... pulled-together with personality.)

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