Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sassy Shoe Thursday: So Sad

I've been on the hunt for what seems like forever. (A year.)
Last winter, I thought I had found them.
Gorgeous. Nearly the most beautiful closed-toe, closed-back non-suede leather black heels in the world, short of Louboutins.
In fact, in the reviews on Zappos, girls said they were the closest you could get while avoiding that hefty price tag.
These were still way more than I ever spend on shoes, even with the gift card I was using.
(The only time I spend money like that is on guitar parts or hair stylists.)
But, they were beautiful.
The only ones I had found that spoke to me.
A friend warned me that she had not been impressed with Dolce Vita's, but a blogger I read has a few pairs and likes them... so I decided to go for it.
(After all, I'd been searching for months and not found a non-suede pair of closed-toe, closed-back black leather heels that didn't look like frumpy-woman shoes.)

I ordered the first pair in time for Christmas, but the leather was wrinkled and I had to send them back.
The second pair came.
They looked perfect. (Perfect enough. See? The leather is still a little wrinkled on them, too. But, it was acceptable. I'm picky, but realistic. Kind of.)

I wore them twice for only a few hours each, though, and then noticed *gasp* the leather was separating, inside from outside.
I thought maybe it was just a bit.
I wore them a third time.
It happened even more.

(Yes, I know the label reads backwards. Remember, iPhoto Booth does that.)

I was so sad! These shoes are like a beautiful work of art in every way, all the way down to the gold inner liner. If I listened closely I could almost hear the angels singing at their gloriousness.
Oh, my heart!

But, truth be told, they were not easy to walk in.
Now, I could be considered a queen of high heels. But, these? For some reason I was all wibbly-wobbly, even though I didn't want to admit it.
They have a 1" wrapped platform, so they should be manageable, even with the 5" heel.

They sat in my bathroom all summer long. On the edge of the bathtub.
I would just look at them and marvel at how beautiful they were, knowing I needed to contact Zappos, but not ready to part with them just yet.

A couple weeks ago I emailed them.
Zappos only takes returns that haven't been worn,
but they made a one-time exception for me because of the defect.

So, maybe it wound up being a good thing that the leather separated.
Because, really, I didn't walk very well in them.
They definitely were not wear-on-a-platform, play-guitar, jump-around, run-after-the-kids kind of heels.
And for that kind of mulah, they darn well should be.

Which has led me to a new, non-negotiable standard in stilettos. (Notice the great alliteration there?)
They must meet those requirements, or they will not find a home in my closet.
Given, those are all standards I had before, I was just compromising.
(Oh, the weakness beauty can bring out in us.)

Today they went back into their box. I printed the return label.
And I said a very sad goodbye to possibly the most beautiful shoes that have ever been in my possession.

I am once again on the hunt.
(Not that I ever really left it.)
This time my standards will stay strong. (Ooooo!!!! Good alliteration again.)

(God? Are you listening? Could you please bring me what I'm looking for? Preferably at an unbelievably low price? Maybe at a thrift store? I'd really appreciate it. After all, you know what will work best for me even better than I do. And you care about details... even these kinds of details. Because you care about me.)

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