Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random Outfit Post

I wore this last week.
These pants are to-die-for comfy.
They can be bagged out, but I cinched the bottoms up just because.
Because I wanted to.
Because I can.

(Please forgive the not-smiley-ness. I was in kind of a hurry. I look like I'm trying to be all Zoolander-ish.)
Notice the painted fingernails? I never paint them! It's a new strategy so maybe I'll stop picking at them so much. It's worked for a week!  =^) 

pulling it all together...
Tank: Favorite EVER. Tag says "Active." $5 (I have, like, seven colors.)
Cardi: Target clearance years ago.
Cargos: Thrifted last week for $1.50.
Shoes: Tahari. Birthday gift from Nate last year.
Aviators: Wal-mart (Love! Most are too big. These are perfect.)
Necklace: Thrifted, knotted.
Gold Bracelets: Grams', Nate's Grammie's, & Thrifted
Ginormous Gold Hoops: Forever 21

Ian wanted in on the photo shoot.
So cute.

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