Monday, October 18, 2010

In Awe.

I'm always blown away at what God does with what we have to give.
In fact, I'm increasingly convinced that the loaves and fish Jesus multiplied wasn't just about feeding the 5,000.
It was Him showing us that when we take the little that we have and give it ALL to Him, He will multiply it beyond measure...
beyond anything we ever thought possible...
 far beyond anything we could ever do on our own.
It goes so much deeper than physical food for hungry people
and becomes more about spiritual food for hungry people.
A little boy gave all he had.
Someone who would not have ever stood out in a crowd,
easily overlooked,
just an average human being...
who gave all he had to Jesus.
To God.
To the One who breathed the stars into existence.

We pray and seek and listen,
and then we create something as best we can out of our life experiences and the limited knowledge we have and hope that maybe,
just maybe,
it will feed a few people.
But it's when we step back and offer it...
ALL of it...
to God that He comes and inhabits it.
He fills it.
He breathes life into it.
That's when it is multiplied beyond anything we ever thought possible.
It becomes so much more than even what we originally intended it to be.
The little that we had to give, we gave.
The average, wouldn't ever stand out in a crowd, easily overlooked...
we gave.
All of it.
To the One who breathed the stars into existence.

Because our words are just that: our words.
But when we let God come and inhabit them,
they become His words.
He speaks.
And hearts are changed.
And people are healed.
And the blind receiving their sight.
And we are witness to a miracle.

And we are in awe.

Because all we had to give was a few loaves and fish.
But we gave it... all of it.
Then stepped back and watched as God took it and fed not just the people that were there, but the rest of the world for an eternity to come through the impact it had on those who originally heard.
Because one miracle done in the heart of one person leads to another miracle in the heart of another person and on and on and on...

And that's how we change our world.

And I am in awe.

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