Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday: Simple Style

Last week I wore an outfit I absolutely loved.
It was just so simple and comfy and I pulled it together in about 90 seconds.
(Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I'm able to piece things that I don't necessarily think of when I have the time to think. Weird.)

I know these are *once again* bad photos, but literally I was about to change into my sweats and sweatshirt for the evening (because that's what you would usually find me in if you came to my door) and realized how much I loved this outfit and that it would be perfect to share and explain!
(Yes. Queen once again of the run-on sentence.)

Because, really, all this outfit is is a jacket over a tee and jeans.
But it's the details that make me love it!
And it's the details that take it beyond just run-of-the-mill.

The purple shoes are the ones from yesterday's Sassy Shoe Thursday post, and they really give the outfit an interesting pop of color.
Not to mention, their shape is classic without being too everyday. Does that make sense?
I rolled my gray skinnies. (That I've seriously been wearing I think nearly every day. If you live in Colorado Springs and see me on a consistent basis, you know this.)
Rolling skinny or straight leg jeans is the one of the latest fall trends. I usually cuff them, but I like this.
Now, that jacket is just a plain black dress coat, but I rolled the sleeves (because they bother me when they're down). But, the fact that it's layer over a plain cotton tee adds a little more interest.
(And I love mixing textures.)
If my shirt was a rayon or other dressier material, it would have kicked the outfit up a notch.
Chunky earrings make it feel not-so-plain.
My hair is just a simple blow out, directed back with a round brush, which added to the casual feel of the outfit.
(Usually I sweep my front fringe across my forehead... except that I have a cowlick and never quite get the results I want. Ever.)

See? So simple. Yet, it has an almost indescribable interest to it.
Now, when I first put it on that morning I paired this belt with it.
(I think it originally looked better than it comes across in this photo.)
BUT, by the time I got to my second scheduled thing that day, it was just too restrictive.
(I have a hard time with belts around my middle.)
So, I took it off.
And I wound up liking the outfit better without.

pulling it all together...
Gray Skinnies that I adore and wear constantly: H&M 
Shoes: brand says "Connie," vintage, Goodwill
Tee: Mens Hanes V-neck (Multi-pack in the mens underwear section. Ha!)
Jacket: Goodwill (I almost didn't buy this! My amazing friend Tammy found it last June and said I had to get it. So thankful for friends that see what we can't... and encourage us 'til we see it, too.)
Belt: Came with a Liz Claiborne silk dress that was 99 cents at my favorite thrift store... that I've actually never worn.
Large gold hoops: Forever 21
Gold rhinestone bracelet: Nate's Grammie
Chunky gold bracelet: Thrifted from my favorite store.
Little gold ring: Grams

Now, I could have added a long, knotted gold chain down the front, but I wanted to keep it simple.
I also could wear this with trouser jeans, tuck the shirt in and pull the belt through the loops for a different look.
And during the summer this would look great with some dressy shorts.
See all the different options?
I could EVEN put on my glasses (that I should really wear more often but always forget about 'til I need them and don't have them with me, like now as I'm typing) and look all studious.

The whole point is to have some pieces with interest.
Like the gray jeans. They take it a different direction than regular jeans would... especially being rolled.
And the purple shoes... because your shoes don't have to be all matchy-matchy with the rest of your outfit!!!
They just need to not clash... too badly.  *wink*

And, yes. That's my suitcase in the background because I hadn't unpacked yet from the trip I took the weekend before.
(An AWEsome trip! Where I was totally blessed and amazed!)
And, yes. That's stuff piled on the edge of my bathtub, because I tend to throw things there.
Like my fuzzy pink bathrobe.

Then again, this is a real blog about real fashion for real women who live real lives.
So, maybe I should just say that I'm keepin' it real... yo.

So, the POINT of this post is that simple can still be fun and fashionable and have personality... just pay attention to some of the details!
(I could have worn black shoes, but why do that when I could wear purple??? See what I mean? It just makes you feel. extra. good.)

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